**Aaron Hernandez charged with murder/released by Pats** - Update post #247

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by WoodysGirl, Jun 18, 2013.

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    So your ethics should lead you to cooperate with the police, who will event falsities—circumventing the law—to obtain a warrant, if you do not?
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    Justice Frankfurter, majority opinion on Ullman vs USA, in regards to the 5th ammendment:

    "Too many, even those who should be better advised, view this privilege as a shelter for wrongdoers. They too readily assume that those who invoke it are either guilty of crime or commit perjury in claiming the privilege"
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    Dave Miller ‏@Miller_Dave 11m
    RT @stevesilva Hearing via law enforcement source that Aaron Hernandez will be arrested in connection with the North Attleborough murder
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    Scott Isaacs ‏@ScottIsaacs 43m Aaron Hernandez just left his house...alone. Still no signs an arrest is imminent #wcvb
    News choppers following Aaron Hernandez's white Audi SUV - this is wild. OJ-esque (with nicer wheels)
    If you missed it earlier - there is a LOT of police activity at the landfill where the body was found. Officers digging through the dirt
    Hernandez's Audi just pulled into Gillette Stadium - he's approaching the guard shack by the player's lot #wcvb

    Kathy Curran ‏@KathyReports 24m
    Hernandez is at Gillette Stadium. Sources: "Investigation is heating up." Sky 5 following Hernandez #wcvb pic.twitter.com/Q4Q8jZlwfi"

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    Dude is done like dinner
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    This situation isn't funny, but....

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    Adam Schefter ‏@AdamSchefter 52s

    Police say Aaron Hernandez involved in incident outside of Karma Nightclub on June 6. Police releasing little information about it.

    Ian Rapoport ‏@RapSheet 58s
    Got a Providence incident report at a strip club Hernandez is named in. Jets fan taunts him, he walks away, police help him leave
    Why was this filed? There was a disturbance. A person (not Hernandez) tossed away a gun and police recovered it. Then, it ended

    Ian Rapoport ‏@RapSheet 6m Madness. Unfortunately, way of the world today RT @HubbuchNYP: They’re swarming Aaron Hernandez AS HE’S GETTING GAS. pic.twitter.com/vKFKPvONxN


    mike freeman ‏@realfreemancbs 6m
    Did Hernandez get 93 octane or the cheap stuff? #LegalFees
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    Media mob accosting Aaron Hernandez as he pumps gas is Exhibit A for why everyone hates the media.
    NO ARREST IMMINENT in murder investigation involving Hernandez. Reports (currently) "absolutely untrue," per state police
    Not saying an arrest won't happen, or that one won't happen today. But reporting Hernandez "will be arrested" is speculative.
    Currently, no arrest warrant issued for anyone related to murder of Odin Lloyd. #hernandez
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    If arrested will the media call for the Pats to release him prior to his trial like they were with the Cowboys and Josh Brent?
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    Who defined "being uncooperative" in this case? Maybe Hernandez said he would be happy to answer every question they had to ask, but he wanted to wait until his lawyer was present first. Cops could view that as being uncooperative.

    One cop may view things differently than another cop when it comes to being uncooperative. A cop could think you are being uncooperative even though you answered every question with a "yes" or a "no" because they want more than one word answers or perhaps they wanted a "yes, sir" or "no, sir".
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    Man who accused Hernandez of shooting out his eye’s photo released

    Per the Smoking gun, The Connecticut man who has accused football star Aaron Hernandez of shooting him in the face is a convicted felon who spent time in prison for cocaine distribution and who was arrested on a felony burglary charge two months after losing an eye in the gun incident for which he has fingered the athlete.

    In a federal lawsuit, Alexander Bradley, 30, alleges that Hernandez shot him after they partied at a Florida strip club on February 13.

    Bradley, a longtime resident of East Hartford, Connecticut, is seen in the below mug shot, which was snapped two months ago. Hernandez is from Bristol, Connecticut, about 20 miles from Bradley’s residence.

    In the wake of a police search of Hernandez’s Massachusetts home in connection with a murder probe, Sports Illustrated yesterday reported that “alleged gang activity of some of Hernandez’s associates in his native Bristol, Conn” was a concern of several NFL teams in advance of the 2010 draft. Additionally, Hernandez’s admitted use of marijuana in college contributed to him falling to the fourth round in that year’s draft.

    A lawyer for Bradley has described his client as a friend of Hernandez who has been paid to do chores for the 23-year-old New England Patriots star, who last year signed a five-year, $37.5 million contract extension that included a $12.5 million signing bonus.

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    Bianchi: Aaron Hernandez also questioned in shooting when he played for Gators

    New England Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez always seemed to be around trouble, even when he played for the Florida Gators.

    When Hernandez was at UF, he was once questioned, along with three other Gator football players, about a shooting in Gainesville. None of the players were arrested, but detectives questioned Hernandez in the shootings of Corey Smith and Justin Glass about 2:30 a.m. after Florida lost to Auburn in 2007. According to a Sentinel report at the time, police said Smith, 28, and Glass, 19, were driving around in traffic about 2:30 a.m. when a man began shooting into their car. Smith was critically wounded in the head while Glass was shot in the arm.

    Hernandez declined to discuss the case with reporters back then and was never charged with any crime.

    However, when Hernandez first enrolled at UF, he was arrested as a 17-year-old juvenile after an altercation at local campus hangout known as The Swamp. Hernandez received deferred prosecution.

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    I didnt know Aaron had history like that.

    You only have so many chances before you run out of luck.
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    Lol @ the hysteria.
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    Big difference - Hernandez is a suspect (no one knows who killed his associate, but he potentially was involved).

    Brent was guilty (no question that he was behind the wheel and killed Brown).
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    no ethics I know of says you have to volunteer to rat out a friend.
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    They don't have to be false statements from the police. They could always say they see something that was suspicious and go to the judge with basic reasoning for a search warrant. And they will get it. All it takes is 'probable cause.' *Some* cops will lie to get the search warrant, but more often than not they don't need to lie because 'probable cause' is a rather ambiguous term.

    The fact is that somebody like Hernandez, who is wealthy and famous, is FAR more likely to get off scott free on a crime they do commit than they are to be framed for a crime. We've seen this time and time again with athletes and celebrities where they have the power and money to get themselves off with their high priced attorneys and their fame.

    Jason Williams admitted to pointing a gun at a man, pulling the trigger and killing him at point blank range and was found innocent. And we all know about the OJ case.

    Hernandez didn't want to talk to cops because he has something to hide. In just a short time, it has been uncovered of him having a dubious past.

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    Who says he's ratting out anybody?

    And if your friend murders somebody and you know about it and are unwilling to say anything about it (unless you have a legitimate fear for your own safety), you're a sad individual.

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    I like how no matter the situation some people's first thought is, "how can I defend the Dallas Cowboys in this situation"

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