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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by ABQcowboyJR, Apr 27, 2011.

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    I’ve gone back and forth on whether or not to trade down in the first round, or stay put, and take the guy you want. For a long time I was convinced that Wade saw DWare in Aldon Smith and that was going to be Houston’s pick. They really need a corner bad though and its almost the right place to take prince. Its early but I can see them taking him or trying to trade down and grab Jimmy Smith. So I really want to take Aldon Smith at #9 to ensure that we get him. However, trading back to 14 with STL is what we should do. So we trade pick 9 (1350), 71 (235) to STL for picks 14 (1100), 47 (430), 112 (70).

    1st Round
    #14 Aldon Smith
    I’m going to go the NYG draft philosophy here. They take DE all the time and show multiple looks with many DE on the field and have proven to be a disrupting defense. I think we should adopted this philosophy with OLB. Having Rob Ryan encourages this pick for me. I can see us having looks where we have DWare, Spencer, Aldon Smith and possibly Butler on the field at the same time.

    We then trade pick 47 (430) and 71 (235) to NE for pick 28 (660)

    #28 Nate Solder
    Possibly the OT with the most potential and upside in the draft. Not a guaranteed day 1 starter, but you can’t have it all.

    2nd Round

    #40 Aaron Williams
    This is a really optimistic take on how things will unfold. I think he transitions very will to a FS. I also think that he can play 4th corner for us. I went back and watch more film on him, and he is excellent in the air. Great body control and leaping skills to make plays on the ball. I know he may not be there at this pick, but with the draft scenario presented it’s a free pick for us to take someone on the fly. Here are a list of players I would consider here.
    -Jimmy Smith
    -Marvin Austin
    -Cameron Heyward
    -Danny Watkins
    - Devon House
    -Curtis Brown (if all else fails he will be there and he has the size and speed to fit this pick)

    4th Round

    #110 John Moffitt
    Does anyone wanna be in a phone booth with this guy. He brings that tenacity and attitude you love to have on your OL.

    #112 Kelvin Sheppard

    5th Round

    #143 Alex Henry
    Could be the best pick of the draft for us. Been a consistent ABQ consensus on this kid.

    6th Round

    #176 Duenta Williams

    7th Round

    #219 Steven Ridley

    #251 Justin Rogers or Zane Taylor if the other is gone. Try and sign one as an URFA.
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    Isnt D.Williams a 3rd round prospect?
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    .............hos and others will have kittens if your scenario(s) unfold. I guess the Lions really like A. Smith too, but I just don't think he'll be there for us...time will tell!!!!!!

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    If the draft unfolded this way, I'd be doing back flips and you know I aint got the back to be doing that.


    I doubt very much if that could happen but if it did, I'd be very happy.

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