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ABQJr. mock 1

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by ABQcowboyJR, Jan 7, 2013.

  1. ABQcowboyJR

    ABQcowboyJR Well-Known Member

    3,307 Messages
    346 Likes Received
    Guaranteed to change drastically but here is my best speculation at who we COULD take.

    1. Kenny Vaccaro, S Texas - He provides us with a guaranteed starter at a position that has a lot of question marks right now. Will Church make it back from his achilles injury. Can Matt Johnson even play in the NFL? Vaccaro would eventually be our long time starter at SS and replacement for Sense. He has the flexibility to play in our scheme right now as a safety that can play strong or free.

    I really would like to take Hankins with this pick, but I just don't see him being there. I also don't see Warmack being available either.

    2. Larry Warford, G Kentucky - This is my guy for the 2013 draft. He is my favorite O-line prospect and a mountain of a man. I was not sure about him until I watched some tape of him going up against sheldon Richardson. He really controlled Richardson when he had him. He also finishes blocks and seems to play with a little bit of a mean streak.

    3. Sylvester Williams, DT North Carolina - I really do see why people like him so much. I see him flash and the quickness that makes me think he can be a contributor in the D-line rotation. Having said that I have reservations about him taking plays off and his ability to anchor. Worth a 3rd round pick IMO, great upside.

    4. Gabe Jackson, G Mississippi St. - He had solid games against great competition. He has the size you want in a OG. Wouldn't be surprised to see him stay for his senior season however.

    5. Marcus Lattimore, RB South Carolina - We all know this kid. He was the real deal and probably the #1 back coming out before the injury. It's all a gamble and I'd roll the dice on him if he were there in the fifth.

    6. Marquise Goodwin, WR Texas - Speed speed speed. He has real speed and that is something I believe this team could utilize. Has the ability to stretch the field and open things up. He catches well and is elusive with the ball in his hands. Size is a concern for him, can he hold up in the nfl.

    Lots of other guys i'd like to get but I would be happy if it all shook out like this. Zach Line is a kid I have my eye on for a FA signing.
  2. xwalker

    xwalker Well-Known Member

    26,087 Messages
    16,573 Likes Received
    Sylvester Williams is the only one that is probably unrealistic. Some rankings have him in the top 20.

    I like Warford. He just needs to keep his weight down in the lower part of his range of 325 to 345.

    Jackson would be good in the 4th.

    Zack Line would be a good UDFA.
  3. Oh_Canada

    Oh_Canada Well-Known Member

    8,169 Messages
    2,150 Likes Received
    Like this draft if you found another pass rusher instead of Gabe Jackson in the fourth.

    ABQCOWBOY Moderator Staff Member

    40,932 Messages
    5,691 Likes Received
    If Vaccaro is there in the 1st, might be an interesting pick. I actually like a lot of what you did here.

    Good draft Son.
  5. patrickstillhere

    patrickstillhere Member

    67 Messages
    2 Likes Received
    1. Kenny Vaccaro, S Texas Good pick, I really like him

    2. Larry Warford, G Kentucky Good pick

    3. Sylvester Williams, DT North Carolina Good pick

    4. Gabe Jackson, G Mississippi St.I don't know him, but OK

    5. Marcus Lattimore, RB South Carolina We need a running back for the next season, not for 2014/2015, but nice pick

    6. Marquise Goodwin, WR Texas OK pick
  6. RS12

    RS12 Well-Known Member

    21,113 Messages
    8,095 Likes Received
    I think Warmack will be there, dont think they draft him. It will still be defense but not Vaccaro IMO.
  7. ABQcowboyJR

    ABQcowboyJR Well-Known Member

    3,307 Messages
    346 Likes Received
    That scenario wouldn't surprise me either.
  8. rkell87

    rkell87 Well-Known Member

    7,584 Messages
    227 Likes Received
    while I like goodwin and he is a class guy he is not a good pick. He actually doesn't catch all that well and is very limited as a route runner, he is also not that elusive either. imo his future is the long jump
  9. ABQcowboyJR

    ABQcowboyJR Well-Known Member

    3,307 Messages
    346 Likes Received
    I kinda have to disagree here. He has not been the benefactor of great QB play for his college career. He is a tough guy to bring down in the open field. I don't think that giving him the ball on the jet sweep is really his strength, which texas did a lot with him. I would take a chance on the guy, he might even go undrafted. However, teams always fall in love with speed and he has it.
  10. dart

    dart Benched

    811 Messages
    31 Likes Received
    Sylvester Williams, DT North Carolina

    no way does he last until the third rd

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