ABQ's April 16th 2012 Mock Draft

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    This Mock contains a trade down with the New England Patriots. In this trade, the Cowboys trade picks 14 (1st Rd) and 113 (4th Rd) in exchange for the Patriots 27th and 31st picks in the 1st Rd. The Cowboys and Pats also exchange 2nd round picks (Dallas sends 45th pick to the Pats in exchange for the Pats 48th pick of the 2nd round).

    The reason for the Pats move up is to acquire Safety Mark Barron. Perhaps the Pats biggest need of last season was a strong starting Safety. The Pats could certainly use another WR as well and if they choose to do so, they could probably have their pick of just about anybody but Blackman and perhaps Floyd. Barron will not be there at 27.

    Cowboys Select:

    27th Pick of the 1st Rd - Stephen Gilmore CB South Carolina
    Could Easily be Dre Kirkpatrick but I suspect he might go earlier. If not, then Dre in this spot.

    31st Pick of the 1st Rd - Peter Konz C Wisconsin IMO, this is the biggest need on the offensive line and Konz, IMO, is the best C in this draft. Smart, tough, strong, can do it all.

    48th Pick, 2nd Rd - Amini Silatolu OT/OG Midwestern State
    Could be a LT, could even be a RT, will certainly be an excellent LG. Could end up being the best OL in this draft. Mean, smart, strong and quick. Just needs coaching and strength work.

    81st Pick, 3rd Rd - Ronnell Lewis OLB/DE Oklahoma Violent hitter with amazing physical skills. He could be our SOLB of the future and would certainly contribute in passing situations and on special teams to start. Can never have enough LBs when you play in a 34.

    135th Pick, 4th Rd - Josh Champman NT/DT Alabama
    If Healthy, he would be a 1st round talent. He's the answer at NT IMO. Would Free up Rat or at the very least, give excellent rotation at NT.

    152nd Pick, 5th Rd - Josh Bequette DE Arkansas
    Nobody likes this guy but his workouts, production, and motor are as good as anybody you will find in this draft yet nobody likes him. I see him competing at SOLB or RDE as he grows. Just a good football player.

    186th Pick, 6th Rd - Jenzen Jackson FS/CB McNeese St. 6'0 190 lbs with 4.49 speed, everything but his press are among the very best for the position. He started at Tennessee and was the air apparent to Berry but he ran to trouble along the way. He's a bit risky because he has baggage but his skills are undeniable and the upside is astronomical.

    222nd Pick, 7th Rd - Chris Owusu WR/KR Stanford No injuries and this kid is being discussed much, much higher in this draft. Ran a low 40 of 4.28, 3Cone, Broad, 20 and Vert are better then any of the top WRs and he's 6'0 195 lbs. At worst we get a kick returner. At best, we get a Miles Austin with better hands.

    UFA Priorities - Jeff Adams OT Columbia, Broderick Binns DE/OLB Iowa, Johnson Bademosi FS Standford.

    Just finished adding notes. I don't expect this to happen as it is almost impossible to project trades. Just something to kill some time. Have at it boys.

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    A pretty darn good draft!
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    Does that work well with the points value? If so that would be great. I think you may be optimistic about Chapman and Bequette being available in those particular slots. Maybe a Danny Coale WR in the 6th not sure he will last that long either, hmm great outcome.
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    Dont see Gilmore, Silatalou or Chapman being there in those slots. Gilmore and Silatalou are rising and the Raiders are said to love Chapman with there comp pick end of round 3.
  5. CATCH17

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    I can't see Gilmore lasting that long since he is probably the 2nd best CB in the 1st round.

    Excluding J. Jenkins.
  6. CopenhagenCowboy

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    Really cannot see Chapman being there in the fourth. But what do I know. I'd love having him.

    Very good mock.

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