Adams and Crayton Injuries

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by HDC, Oct 16, 2005.

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    So, who will back up at tackle if Adams can't go next week? Price will be the third receiver, but who will be the fourth? Who will return punts?

    Parcells deliberately chose to go thin at offensive tacle and wide receiver in order to keep an extra defensive lineman and linebacker. Now we are in a dangerous position.

    Let's hope Adams can go next week (and plays a little better than he did today). Lets hope Peerless can step in and help. Unfortunately, he's not a "possession" receiver who will make the tough catches, often over the middle, to get the first down when we really need it. We have KJ and Witten but no more.
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    I'm assuming Torrin Tucker will start at LT if Allen can't go *shivers*
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    Right, but he is wondering who the backup tackle is for Tucker/Petitti?

    I'd have to guess perhaps Noll. I don't know if he could play LT though.

    So, perhaps, if Tucker is injured, Petitti rolls to the left and Noll plays right.

    It is a little spooky, I won't argue there. Although I did think Tucker filled in rather well today.
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    If Adams can't go or his status is questionable/doubtful for most of the week, I wouldn't be surprised to see a tackle added to the active roster. Perhaps if Crayton is ruled out for the year, Dallas would put him on IR to bring in the tackle. I don't expect another WR to be brought up in the near future considering BP only makes 4 active on game day anyway.

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