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    I say we have to pick up some PLAY-Makers on either side of the ball. As of now i say bring in Terrel Owens and all of his baggage. I think we need to get a true free saftey so roy williams doesnt have to play the deep coverage on the pass plays because thats not his postiton and he has no idea what hes doing there. Either bill parcells opens up the offence next year with flozzel adams and maybe a first round draft pick of a tackle or send him out of here Because if we do have owens and keyshawn and glenn and witten and then with a preety good offensive lineman then he better open it up or else we will just keep losing. and on a side note what in the hell were we thinking to signing marco rivera he hasnt done nothing cept take up our money and room on the field. we will win everything next year with an improved o line and WR corps and with a few additions on DEF that are playmakers and roy playing real close to the line and the main thing if parcells opens up the offence

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