Adrian Peterson 106 yards behind Emmitt at same point in career

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by WoodysGirl, Jan 4, 2013.

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    Yeah that 93 roster was missing one VERY IMPORTANT PIECE. They were so good they started out 0-2 without Emmitt. Once Emmitt appeared oh guess what they started winning games. They also wouldn't have won the final game of the regular season that year against the Giants without Emmitt. Again I say you must have (more like did) miss the 93 season.
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    It's no use man..

    Too many in here are reading this through their glass stomachs and Overdosing on Madden to understand.

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    Wow. 2 games missed. Cool.
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    You really , seriously don't get it do you? good lord.
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    These topics always make me chuckle. Especially when people talk about what a great line Emmitt had. Go back and do some research on his line. People will always bring up Larry Allen and a young Eric Williams, but Emmitt made guys like Mark Tuinei and Nate Newton household names. Before Emmitt got there those guys were nobody's who were letting Aikman get killed. Did they open some nice holes at times? Of course, all lines do, but more often than not it was Emmitt making someone miss. Darryl Johnson said that they even had plays that left guys unblocked because they knew Emmitt would make them miss. :D

    You want to know how great Emmitt was? Look at what the Super Bowl winning, and arguably one of the most dominant teams ever assembled (read "The Greatest Team Ever Assembled"), did without him for the first two games of the 1993 season when he held out. They weren't the same team. If you put a young Emmitt Smith with the Cowboys today, we would be competing for Championships. He was that much of a difference maker.

    Emmitt wasn't lucky with his health, in fact he didn't even work out for a long time. Emmitt always made the first guy miss! He had unbelievable vision, balance, cutting ability, and the ability to make people miss. It wasn't till later in his career that people could get a clean hit on him.

    You know what else? He was an excellent blocker, receiver, and short yardage back as well. Go back and look at some film. He really could do it all.

    The problem that Emmitt had was he wasn't the fastest or most flashy guy around. He made it look so easy that people underestimated him.

    I always hear people undervalue Emmitt and talk of this great back and that great back and Emmitt is rarely mentioned with the upper eschellon. I have been around a while and have seen a lot of great ones (e.g. Tony Dorsett, Earl Cambell, Walter Payton), and others (e.g., Bo Jackson and Billy Simms) who weren't around long enough to show how great they could have been.

    I confess that I never saw Jim Brown or Gayle Sayers play, and saw very little of OJ Simpson, but If I had to choose one back amongst the many it would come down to Emmitt and Walter Payton. Both of them could do it all and played for a long period of time, and either one would be a excellent choice. In the end, I would give the edge to Emmitt because he was able to make good teams great, has the records and rings to back it up.

    Still, Walter was an awesome back! I still remember a game in Texas Stadium when the Cowboys played a Bears team that had nothing but Walter. We should have been able to shut him down and always had several players hitting him at or behind the line of scrimmage only to see him break tackles and gain yards. I believe we ended up winning the game, but it was closer than what it should have been and Walter ended up out rushing Tony Dorsett in the game by quite a margin.

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    Yea he missed 2 game and then came back after 2 games and the rest of the team helped him in NO WAY and he single handly without anyone else's help won 12 games.
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    He won't reach Emmitt's record....
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    Peterson also is a year older than Emmitt was after his first six seasons. So he's 1,041 yards behind Emmitt at the same age.
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    This post says it all.
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    Exactly right. Seasons in the NFL are fine, but the age of 30 matters more on a RBs wear and tear than seasons does. Peterson is 9506 yards behind Emmitt's total and he is 3 years from hitting that 30 year old barrier and has already had knee injuries.

    Doesn't diminish what he has done, but it makes the record seem unlikely.
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    Emmitt really was a diamond.
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    How about we use those critical reasoning skills. Trent Dilfer didn't lead the NFL is passing yards while at the same time winning championships.

    Emmitt won championships, leads the NFL in Rushing yards, has numerous accolades that number among the best to ever play the game. Yet you compare him to Trent Dilfer? Intellectually dishonest but par for the course for the mindless minions.
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    I can't believe this was posted by someone one this board.

    Emmitt Smith was a better running back than Barry Sanders. Period.

    Better blocker...

    Better receiver out of the backfield...

    Better short yardage back...

    Stayed on the field when his team needed a first on third down...

    Barry Sanders was great and as a pure runner was better but Emmitt Smith has him beat as an all round RB.

    I won't even go into post season accomplishments because Barry Sanders was a joke in the playoff while Emmitt Smith stepped his game up even more.
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    well said.

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    what emmitt did is even more amazing when you consider the extra games he played in the post season. the man has to be the most durable nfl player of all time.

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    Wow. Iamking and arkyvarminter... You two are off. Why even bother calling yourself Cowboys fans if you have such hate for Emmitt?

    He is a legend.
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    Doesn't make me less of a fan because of my opinion. I don't hate the guy either. I couldn't stand Deion and still don't but I love the Cowboys..
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    I love me some AP, but let's face some facts. Defenses are faster than 20 years ago, the game is rougher and teams are more pass-oriented than running.

    AP is a phenomenal player, but they rely on the run because Ponder isn't that great. He can't keep up that load season after season. His upright running style is also going to subject him to more injuries.

    I would take him over any RB in the league, but I would bet against him coming close to the record. Ask LT and what happens when you hit your 30's.
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    It will never happen. Emmitts longevity is almost as impressive as his production. When someone cracks the 15000 mark, only then will I take notice as it relates to Emmitts record.

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