After the Weekend Oct 3 Draft

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by UnoDallas, Oct 4, 2010.

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    1 OT Derek Sherrod Miss ST 6-5 #305

    2 DT Christian Ballard Iowa 6-5 #297 - DT Jarvis Jenkins, Clemson 6-4 #310

    3 FS Jaiquawn Jarrett, FS, Temple 6-2 #195

    4 OG Steve Schilling Mich 6-5 #297 - OT/OG Clint Boling, Georgia 6-5 #305

    5 CB Jalil Brown, Colorado 6-1 #205

    6 ISLB Kendall Smith, Florida State 6-1 #224 -

    7a FB Owen Marecic Stanford 6-1 #245

    7b OT/OG Cory O”Daniel Gardner-Webb 6-7 #335 - OG Pat Illig Wofford 6-5 #320
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    I think we resign Kosier, Spears and Sensy. We may resign Bowen as well, but I'm kinda doubtful on that one with Price and Lissemore in house.

    If you are taking Sherrod as a RT we don't need him with Colombo, Brewster and Young on the roster. If you are taking him as a guard you don't need him with Kosier, Davis and Holland on the roster and you can get the same guy later in the draft.

    Love Ballard but I think he goes in 1. Like Jenkins and he has a shot at going in one as well. I don't think we will need either if we resign Spears. Wouldn't be a bad idea to take someone like Jenkins in 2 for depth reasons to start 2-3years down the road if Olshansky moves on.

    I'm for shoring up the middle of this defense. We have no big time playmakers at ILB or FS. I go Greg Jones ILB, Deunta Williams FS, and John Moffitt first 3 rounds. If we hit on Jones, Lee, JW at ILB oh well. I guess we'll just have 3 good ILB's.
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    And I agree with those signings Kosier, Spears and Sensy

    I would like to resign Bowen but no problem if not

    I would like to put Sherrod or Free at RT

    But I expected Sherrod to be the first OT taken IMO

    But I really like my RT’s to have at least a mean streak in them – an like them big

    Not sure if Young is the answer

    An we need a ST

    Curt Porter Jacksonville State 6-7 #315

    againest Mississippi

    Struggling with injuries along their offensive line, Porter, with all 22 of his career starts coming at left tackle, was asked to slide over and slow down Ole Miss' Jerrell Powe, the Rebels' 6-2, 330 pound All-American candidate. Powe was limited to only two tackles, including a one-yard tackle for loss. Porter, 6-7 and 315 pounds, alternated between left and right guard, played with surprising leverage and power considering his long frame

    Porter also demonstrated the balance and foot quickness you'd expect from an all-conference left tackle, mirroring the pass rush of Ole Miss defenders. Perhaps most surprising was the comfort with which he and his teammates reacted to stunts and twists by the Rebel defensive linemen in the second half.

    OTTravis Turner Abilene Christian 6-7 #325

    OT Rich Laphan BC 6-8 #325

    Still like my guy at FS Jaiquawn Jarrett, FS, Temple 6-2 #195

    I watched the whole Wis an Mich State game

    As far as John Moffitt did not impress me he looks fat and sloppy IMO

    Never really got to the second level

    I take Steve Schilling or Boling all day over Moffitt

    LBer Jones is more a player the style of Bradie James – he was right in the middle – did not cover that well

    Game Ball Goes To Greg Jones. The senior LB said this game would define him, and he stepped up with eight tackles, three for losses, and frequent pressure on Wisconsin QB Scott Tolzien. Twice Jones stuffed Wisconsin star RB John Clay on key plays, and the Spartans broke Clay’s 10-game streak of 100-yard rushing games.

    But Clay has a ankle injury
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    Show me a ILB who can do everything and I'll show you one that goes top 15.

    I'm drafting guys who can start, not drafting a nickel LB.
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    I'm drafting guys who can start

    well good luck with that - I don't see any starters in your draft

    1) Greg Jones ILB Michigan State

    2) Deunta Williams FS North Carolina

    3) John Moffitt G/C Wisconsin

    4) Greg McElroy QB Alabama

    5) Cedric Thornton 3-4 DE Southern Arkansas

    6a) Jeremy Kerley WR/PR/KR TCU

    6b) Darrin Walls CB Notre Dame

    7) Rob McGill OT La Tech
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    Right, because Greg Jones, Deunta and Moffitt aren't going to be starters in the NFL. McElroy too for that matter.............
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    never said they were not going to be

    I thought you meant imediate starters

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