Age - err, I mean, experience - wins Championships! (Norv Turner and Monte Kiffin)

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    Now I get what Jerry Jones is up to. Remember about mid-season when he said in a round-about way that we had no time for Jason Garrett to learn on the job?

    Well look at who Jerry is now rumored to try and bring in to run the offense and defense. Norv Turner and Monte Kiffin have years of experience and success to boot. Their pics below show their age - err, I mean, experience. :D

    As long as they’re running the O and D units, Jason learning how to be a coordinator on the job is a moot point.

    And that’s not a bad thing. I really do think Jason is best serving this team if he can focus on bring the head coach, because I do like his vision and direction on which he has this team moving.

    Norv Turner – Possibly the next Offensive Coordinator


    Monte Kiffin– Possibly the next Defensive Coordinator

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    I like it
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    Well, you certainly can't say these are rash, dumb decisions if they do happen. It's understandable if you want to go this direction -- experienced, proven playcallers. It's hard to find better "names" in the business in terms of coordinators.
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    ...with these sorts of decisions.

    Wise, experienced guys that know what to do with the pigskin.

    Sign-em and let's move on to the draft.

    :starspin RedBaLL ExPreSS:starspin
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    let's hope Kiffin can stay awake when studying film.
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    Turning 70 has put Jerry in a late-life crisis. He wants to feel young and hip again.

    Garrett better stock Valley Ranch up on prune juice, Depends, and Lawrence Welk cassette tapes.
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    tampa 2 defense

    i like it

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    Of course this is all speculative, but if you connect the dots to what Jerry Jones has been saying since last offseason, it’s becoming clearer to me that these moves now are less about him shooting from te hip and more about him carrying out plans he had in mind for at least a year on the condition we did not have the success he expected.

    Here’s what I mean:

    I just remember Jerry Jones saying around mid-season how he knew Jason was young in his career and had a bright promising future, but also that he had no time to learn on the job.

    In the offseason he started this off by talking about windows closing quickly.

    It seems to me Jerry Jones went into 2012 with a win or else position for his coordinators. Remember, he spoke highly of Garrett as a head coach (i.e. "bright promising future"), but we know now he also put him on a short leash as a coordinator (i.e. "no time to learn on the job").

    In fact to assit in that, Callahan was named offensibve coordiantor last offseason to help with crafting the game plan during the week, so that Jason could call their plays on game day.

    If Norv turner does come in, I would fully expect him to have control of the entire offense; meaning Norv would craft the game plans and call the plays.

    But that leaves me to wonder what will happen to Callahan? Does he stay on board as the OL coach only? Or perhaps they make him the OL Coach/Running Game Coordinator, in a similar position that Hudson Houke had before him?

    I believe Garrett stays because Jones likes him as a head coach, and he can keep him to do that, even though he may strip him of his offensive coordinating/play-calling duties.

    And that was the problem with Rob Ryan; Unlike Garrett, he was a coordinator only, and because Jones has decided to go in a different direction with both coordinator positions, there was nothing left to keep Ryan around for.
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    all this just tells me that jerry really loves jason.
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    Not buying.

    The NFL is evolving. Stubborn coaches who won't change their scheme is something I want no part of.
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    well thought out and nicely done, America's Fan!!
    Of course, conversely, a cynic could say that the reason Jason didnt have his "own guy" as def. coord. to start with is because this allows them to buy time in case he wasnt successful. Let Jerry appoint the def. coord and if the team isnt successful we can chop his head off and keep Jason in charge. In essence, giving Garrett a 2nd chance, spanning 2-3 more years.
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    Joe Gibbs and the Redskins tried that a few years back when Dan hired Gibbs back...

    Competitive...not winning very much.
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    We aren't the Redskins though.
  14. dupree89

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    LOL I just emailed a buddy who really follows things closely, just asking for his opinion on Kiffen. And since this board is about was his reponse.

    Are you kidding? It's not 2000-2002 anymore and you dont have Warren Sapp. :laugh2:
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    This shows how much of a hot seat Garrett really is on.

    Surrounding him with these two extremely experienced coordinators?

    Going after Kiffin when Dom Capers may become available, or an up and coming coach like Ray Horton being in the mix, is lunacy.

    I'm cool with Norv, but Kiffin would be a monumental mistake IMO.
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    if both norv and kiffin know they are JJ hires, exactly who is respecting the authority of the HC and exactly what is the role of the HC?

    perhaps to give "great" press conferences
  17. Clove

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    Is Kiffen 4-3 or 3-4 personnel?
  18. Denim Chicken

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    We’re working on it, though.
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    I think most of you are overreacting. Oh no! We didn't just consider bringing 2 experienced/proven coaches with rings to be coordinators how stupid are we! Let's be realistic, if Dick Lebeau (I think that's spelled right) all of the sudden wanted to be DC for the cowboys I doubt anyone would be complaining and as someone else mentioned he is infact OLDER then Kiffin. Also, let's slow down a bit, nothing has been offically announced as of now so this may/may not even happen to begin with.

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    Reading some of the comments in this thread and on this board in general, I don’t buy the argument that Jason Garrett will be fed offensive and defensive coordinators.

    Jerry may have had more of a say in getting new faces in here, but how do we know for sure? As much as Garrett sang Ryan's praises for handling the injuries, mybe Garrett had some reservations similar to Jerry Jones about how the defense played when healthy.

    I really do believe that Jerry Jones respects Garret’s upside as a head coach and will involve him in who is hired to be next on his staff.

    I also believe Garrett when he said that he and Jerry would sit down and talk things through. So I really do think the effort and decisions to bring in new staff and players will be collaborative, because if it isn’t I think Garrett would choose to leave on his own.

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