Aggies profiting from "12th Man" Trademark

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    The tradition of Texas A&M’s 12th Man dates back to 1922, when then Texas A&M head football coach, Dana X. Bible, called a former football player, E. King Gill, out from the stands to suit up in a game against the nation’s top-ranked team at the time, Centre College. While Gill didn’t see the field for a play that day, the Aggies nonetheless went on to win and the legend of the 12th Man was born.

    As the tradition of the 12th Man grew in College Station, it became apparent to Texas A&M officials that they would need to trademark the phrase. In 1990 Texas A&M trademarked “12th Man.” In order to maintain trademark protection, trademark owners must defend against the infringement of their trademarks. It is for this reason, that in 2006 Texas A&M filed a trademark lawsuit against the Seattle Seahawks stemming from the NFL team’s use of the “12th Man” phrase. The lawsuit was ultimately settled, the terms of which included the Seahawks paying Texas A&M $100,000 and a subsequent $5,000 annual licensing fee for five years with a right to renew the agreement thereafter. In 2011 the Seahawks renewed the agreement for another five years, taking the deal through 2016.

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    With all the publicity Seattle gets from their use of the 12th Man they get off very cheaply regarding paying the Aggies.

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