Ahytba Rubin

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    I like this guy as a late round pick and potential replacement for Fergy down the road.

    Ahtyba Rubin
    DT, Iowa State

    War Room analysis
    Is a very well-built defensive tackle with good natural strength. When playing with leverage and good hand usage, is a force at the point of attack. Can stands up the run blocker, hold his ground, shed opponents and make the tackle. Uses his quickness and strength to get inside of reach blocks, and has the speed to chase down the ballcarrier on inside runs. Is one of the rare defensive tackles who consistently holds his ground against double-team run blocks; even if he doesn't beat the double-team, clogs up the middle. When bull rushing aggressively and with good technique, has the playing strength to drive back the offensive lineman into the quarterback's lap. Shows surprising athleticism dropping off the ball into short zone coverage on zone blitzes.
    Weaknesses: Lacks height and has shorter arms than ideal for a two-gap defensive tackle. Not an explosive off-the-ball tackle who can shoot gaps to get backfield penetration and blow up plays. Tends to get caught upright at the point of attack, allowing the offensive lineman to lock up on him and ride him out of the play too easily. Doesn't have the playing speed to chase down outside runs. Has no real pass-rush moves other than a bull rush, so if his initial charge is stopped he rarely pressures the quarterback. Doesn't use his hands well to protect his legs and really gets slowed down by low blocks and traffic.
    Bottom line: Rubin often gets overlooked because defensive tackles who don't pressure the quarterback consistently or make a lot of tackles tend to be written off. However, he consistently does his job as a two-gap tackle and he has a good build, as well as the talent to be a dominant interior force. For teams seeking a true nose tackle, Rubin has what it takes to become a strong, productive starter; to take the next, step, he must improve his technique, in particular his leverage and hand usage. He would fit the bill for a 3-4 scheme like the Patriots' or Browns' could be a nose tackle in 4-3 scheme like Jacksonville's. East-West Shrine Game Dish: It is impossible to get a real feel for a defensive tackle in a practice conducted without pads, but Rubin definitely made a standout impression with how good he looked during the weigh-in, where he measured 6-2 5/8, 321. He is a massive man with the natural bulk and size NFL teams are always trying so hard to find in a nose tackle.
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    I'm with you.....the Boys really need to address the size issue at the nose.

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