Aikman needs to do his homework

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by gimmesix, Oct 21, 2013.

  1. gimmesix

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    Not just Troy, but everyone on Fox discussing Dallas before the Philadelphia game seemed to be under the delusion that the Cowboys have been a great offensive team and seem stunned when the Cowboys offense did not just drive up and down the field scoring points.

    The problem appeared to be that they didn't research why Dallas is third in the league in scoring, instead just looking at the scoring numbers that have been inflated by TD returns by the defense and turnovers made by the defense deep into the opponent's territory.

    Despite better play by its offensive line, Dallas has not had nearly as prolific an offense as it should have, which has been a disappointment to me. Only the St. Louis and Denver games featured dominant performances by the offense.

    To be the team we want ours to be, it needs to consistently score more than 20 points per game on its own drives (without the defense's help) and, again, there haven't been many games where we've done that.

    Against New York, the defense scored two touchdowns and gave Dallas a short field for a field goal in a 36-31 victory. On its own the offense drove for two touchdowns and two field goals on 10 possessions.

    Against Kansas City, the offense drove for a touchdown and three field goals.

    Against San Diego, the offense scored two touchdowns in 10 possessions while the defense scored one.

    Against Washington, the offense drove for 10 points. Dallas scored on Harris' punt return, after his long kickoff return and after Wilber's sack, strip and recovery at the Washington 3.

    I'm proud that we're getting such contributions from the defense and special teams, but the offense simply hasn't been consistent moving up and down the field, and you would think the announcers covering the team Sunday would have known that.
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    For whatever reason 3-4 defenses have given us fits this year. And thru 7 games we have seen them 4 times. Our best outputs have come against the 4-3
  3. Dash28

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    It's annoying listening to him cheerlead for the teams in our division.
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  4. gimmesix

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    Might be the young line not seeing them as much, to some degree. We used to be better against 3-4s when we were using the 3-4 defense. With two first-year starters, it might take them a little time to get used to playing the 3-4 defenses. (I know Frederick had his worst game of the season against the Chiefs.)
  5. 65fastback2plus2

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    ya, i find myself saying "will you shut up because thats not right" at the commentators most of the time in most games
  6. 187beatdown

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    I too get upset when the Cowboys are top 5 in scoring.
  7. Hoov

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    LOL. And i dont have any problems listening to aikman. I think he does a great job.
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    The op should've had Aikman and co. read my signature.

    This was the greatest post in Cowboyszone history!

  9. tecolote

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    He said pulling the hair of a player on a clear hold was legal, he also failed to see the intercepted pass was intended for Beasley instead of saying it was way off, he also said the tip of the ball clearly touched the ground on the Dallas interception/reversal, he also thought the late hit against Romo was not late, etc.

    He was pretty bad yesterday.
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  10. gimmesix

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    You've got to look deeper than that. If you think this offense has been very good at scoring, like the announcers said, then you're just looking at the team's points.

    Dallas has to do a much better job with its offensive possessions. No one should expect it to score at the level it did against Denver, but two touchdown drives a game or fewer from the offense isn't enough.
  11. 187beatdown

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    It's a team sport. As a team they are a top scoring team. You don't get style points in this league.
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  12. gimmesix

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    Again, you're missing the big picture. Why did Dallas score only 17 points against Philadelphia, which has been awful on defense? Because the special teams and defense didn't score. (The Cowboys even missed an opportunity after Lee gave them possession in Eagles territory.)

    Why did Dallas lose to Kansas City? Because the defense and special teams didn't score, so the offense was held to 16 points.

    This offense has to be better than that. It can't rely on Harris TD returns or the defense turning turnovers into TDs or this team isn't going very far. If Dallas can average three touchdowns per game on its offensive drives, it's a playoff team and a contender.

    I'm certainly not upset that special teams and defense are contributing, because that gives Dallas a better chance, but the offense has to pull its weight and it hasn't in the majority of Dallas' games so far.
  13. Soth

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    I agree. Aikman was pretty bad. He also said the refs were just "letting them play" when the Eagles CBs were all over our receivers, but when Wilcox held an Eagles WR then that is just a good call.

    I disagreed with Aikman many times throughout the game...
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  14. gimmesix

    gimmesix Fat, drunk and stupid is no way to go through life

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    That, btw, was one of the problem with the announcers for Fox. They seemed to believe Dallas was third in scoring because of the offense, and again, seemed to be surprised when the Cowboys weren't doing much offensively against Philadelphia.
  15. IronLady

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    Aren't we scoring 30 ppg? Isn't that good?
  16. Dale

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    Am I missing something in your signature? The offense scored 3 TDs against Washington and scored 2 TDs against Philly.
  17. gimmesix

    gimmesix Fat, drunk and stupid is no way to go through life

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    Yes, that's good, but the offense has to do more or we will lose games when the defense or special teams doesn't score, like we did against Kansas City.

    Did anyone expect us to beat Philadelphia scoring 17 points? Thankfully, the defense played outstanding.
  18. lane

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    i disagree with him 90% of the time.

    the first few years he tried to be impartial when he announced dallas games..yea cool troy... go with it.

    after listening to him for many years..he is not very good at all and needs to quit the impartial bit...he almost acts as if he dislikes the cowboys at times...who knows?

    moose calls it like he sees it...while still remaining a bit impartial.
  19. percyhoward

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    Actually the Cowboys were 3rd in scoring going into that game, with "scoring" being points per offensive possession, although I agree that they were almost certainly unaware of that stat, and were counting defensive and ST scores.

    The offense has scored 20 touchdowns, which is 2nd only to the Broncos through 7 games. Where we could be better is in extending more drives (turning more punts into FG attempts). We've been so good in the red zone, though, that we're still scoring more points per drive than we did last year (2.14 to 2.01).
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  20. CyberB0b

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    The offensive line was terrible against the Eagles. Too many unblocked guys coming in free.
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