News: Aikman Thinks Cowboys Should Snag QB Of Future

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by jobberone, Feb 2, 2013.

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    IRVING, Texas – Troy Aikman doesn’t think Tony Romo should be replaced any time soon. That doesn’t mean the Cowboys shouldn’t start preparing for the future.

    Aikman said he thinks it’s time the Cowboys look at spending a mid-round draft pick on a potential quarterback.

    “I like the way that the Packers did it for all those years,” Aikman said on, “that you bring a guy in essentially every season, whether you draft him in the fourth round or fifth round or third round, whatever it might be. I think there’s something to be said for that.”
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    Aikman is entirely correct in his assessment.
    With Romo's age and a potential contract extension, the Cowboys must look at the long-term future of the position.

    Give Romo a two-year deal and begin to upgrade the QB position through the draft.

    The key is if Romo struggles early in the season, will Garrett have the guts to bench Romo and either play Orton or a rookie? Aging QB's who have reached their ceiling, oftentimes will put pressure on the head coach if the aging QB continues to have downward slide.
  3. jobberone

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    I agree we must start looking and sooner than later drafting a QB. One problem in doing so for us has been we've been behind the talent curve and had so many holes. So we've been forced to draft more so for need than you'd like to do. Than leaves little room for drafting QBs to sit the bench when you need CBs and OL and such.
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    Think they should have drafted one years ago as there's no guarantee Romo will re-sign/agree to an extension.
  5. Boys122

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    I agree with Aikman here. Also, learning under Romo isn't a bad thing either.

    He could help with the development of our future starter.
  6. Fredd

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    When Troy speak, listen

    I like the idea of drafting a QB each year after the 3rd...throw them all against the wall and see who will eventually find one that can play...

    Candidates for this year could be: Barkley (if he has a serious drop, I wouldn't mind seeing him if he was 4th or later); Tyler Bray, Landry Jones...hell, even Collin Klein is not likely to go before the 4th.....see if one of these guys has anything to offer an NFL team
  7. reddyuta

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    ALL rounds if the draft should be an option for drafting a QB this year(and next year) although there are question marks about the top QBs this year.Romo has not earned our trust that he can play well when it matters the most.
  8. xwalker

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    Unfortunately, Aikman's biggest contribution to the draft was "his" selection of David LaFleur in 1997.
  9. Gameover

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    McGee not good enough?
  10. Woods

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    He's no longer on the roster.
  11. JDSTAR

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    I agree with what Aikman says, but to be honest, I'm tired of hearing it from Aikman. I know I might get some slack on this, but is he going to be our Namath?
  12. KB1122

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    Ummm .... maybe we should try a first-round pick, instead.

    Show me the mid-round picks that have Super Bowl titles to their names.

    And why would we do it in a poor quarterback draft?

    And why do people think the Packers are some model for this, when they've had two qbs, one a first-round pick, the other they traded a first-round pick for? They probably thought better of using all those mid-round qb picks while watching Kaepernick run by them.

    Why don't we use a first-round pick in a good quarterback draft?
  13. jobberone

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    You don't generally draft a QB in the first and sit them for a few years anymore.
  14. Bigdog24

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    I think making a trade for Ryan Mallet of the Patriots might be one of the best choices out there at this point.....I like the idea of Cowboys going with a QB with all the intangeables and who is learning behind the scenes from one of the All time Greatest QB's Tom Brady.......could be a viable long term answer in Dallas.....
  15. Wood

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    I do think we should be looking for QB of future now ...but middle round pick won't cut it. Dallas will need to use 1st or 2nd round pick to make honest attempt at bring in new Era for Dallas.
  16. CowboysYanksLakers

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    Grab a QB next year... This crop of QB's in the 2013 draft isn't that strong.
  17. burmafrd

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    if you see someone with potential use a late pick on one. But nothing higher then a 5th. If that.

    As has been continually pointed out Romo is a one off. Kurt Warner was the last UDFA before that and was a top QB. Especially in the last 10 years it is clear that outside of pure luck a franchize QB is going to come from the first round.

    Counting on lightning to strike at QB is just as dumb as Jerruh's continuing attempt to rebuild the 90's line the same way.
  18. TheFinisher

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    Meh, it's lacking a cant miss #1 overall type of QB but we're not picking 1st we're picking 18th. There are a few pretty good QBs that may fall to us, Barkley, Wilson, etc., and that's about as good as it gets in any draft when you consider where we're picking.
  19. Shiloht88

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    We should have started last year or the year before.
  20. Shiloht88

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    Wish I had read the thread before I posted. I agree with you 100%. This should have been done before now.

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