Video: Aikman to Rocket

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by ehcrossing, Jun 27, 2013.

  1. KJJ

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    It was the season opener and Daniel Snyder's first game as the Redskins owner.
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    76 yards, 76 posts.

  3. AbeBeta

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    I recall that game very clearly. What I remember the most was that we got down and started to go all pass. Emmitt was on the sidelines screaming at coaches to give him the ball. They do and he just eats right though the D and leads two TD drives that put us back in reach.
  4. burmafrd

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    When you suck so badly like we do running the ball then the D KNOWS that there is MINIMAL risk of getting badly burned. simple as that. And they are exactly right to ignore our running game. Smart players would anyway
  5. ehcrossing

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    It's a sign. It's a sign of very good things coming the Cowboys way this season.
  6. Wheeltax

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    I miss Rocket.
  7. erod

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    That was the the end for Aikman. His last great game.
  8. EPL0c0

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    looked a bit like the Cowboys OT win over the 49ers a couple of years ago (Romo to Holley)...still wish Holley could have gotten into the endzone on that one
  9. rynochop

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    awesome moment and game, luckily they didnt call that false start by Emmitt.
  10. WPBCowboysFan

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    We were down by 21 pts and the Skins fans were feeling mighty good. It sucked being there until the comeback in the 4th quarter. I never felt so miserable at a Cowboys Skins game and I never felt so good being at one like this game. The comeback and then the quick strike in OT to win it was like a dagger in the heart for 70,000+ Skins fans. Normally Skins fans will mouth off to Cowboys fans there win or lose - but not that day. Not a word from a Skins fan after that game!
  11. Section444

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    Damn, it doesn't get much better than that.
  12. 5Stars

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    That play is almost exactly like the play where Romo hit Holley in the 49'er game...very similar.
  13. JohnsKey19

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    It was the last great performance of TheTriplets as we knew them. Aikman i believe set a career high with 5 TDs. Irvin came on strong late with really some unbelievable CLUTCH catches with people draped all over him. Emmitt finished with over 100 yds and a TD. It was a glorious day to be in attendance at Jack Kent Cooke Stadium.

    It was truly a game of runs. The Boys took control early with a 14-3 lead then the Skins completely dominated the 2nd-3rd quarters. Our CBs were a complete joke that day. Charlie Williams(?) and Kevin Mathis were burnt to a crisp. anyway, the cowboys stormed back with 21 points late to tie the game. Again, Irvin was huge late in that game...
  14. windward

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    Aikman was pretty damn good vs the Giants in the season finale.
  15. punchnjudy

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    I think I enjoyed that win more than any other between the '96 and '06 seasons. Can't think of another one offhand that comes close.
  16. Plankton

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    Biggest play of that game was the play before, when Moose recovered an Emmitt Smith fumble.

    Last play for Johnston in a Cowboy uniform, BTW.
  17. TwoDeep3

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    They ran that play in regulation and Rocket dropped the ball. Just went through his hands.

    They then sat on it and waited.

    What I love about replays such as this is the camera angles that show the fans in the stands. Especially when it is in the other team's stadium.

    I love watching the reactions of the fans.

    I think there is another angle of this pass play and there is a woman that goes berserk. She is a Redskins fan.

    I suppose that is a terrible thing to find fascinating.
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  18. Mike_45

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    That was an outstanding play. Just sucked the wind right out of that turd stadium.
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  20. ehcrossing

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    It was awesome young man.

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