News: AJC on Brooking to Dallas *merged*

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by 50cent, Feb 28, 2009.

  1. fanfromvirginia

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    The contract is supposedly for 3 years at about 6 mil, 2.5 or so of which is guaranteed.

    Sounds pretty fair to me.
  2. peplaw06

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    It will allow us to sign Ware. FTW.
  3. Monster Heel

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    This is horrible. We're going backwards at the ILB spot instead of forward.
  4. BAT

    BAT Mr. Fixit

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    Brookings may or may not be a good signing. Better than Zach, not so sure.

    But to say that Zach Thomas lacks smarts, or that Brookings has more size, is just wrong.

    Brookings may be taller than Thomas, but they are both in the 240-245 lbs range. If anything Brookings is leaner than Thomas.

    And as for the other signing, Kitna has and always will be a tool. The worst thing about it is, the Cowboys added another loser.
  5. JonJon

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    With Burnett now gone, I would assume this means we hang on to Carpenter at least for another year, and he will assume the nickle ILB roll that Burnett had. Carp may not be much, but I am possitive that he is better in coverage than Brooking.

    I wanted Ray for the leadership and intensity, but I really cannot complain too much. Brooking still is a solid tackler on the cheap, which is what we neet at that spot.
  6. Bleu Star

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    I was already convinced by Hos. He will be a better friend with TO.
  7. MrMom

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    Stephen Spach agrees with this post.
  8. numnuts23

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    Can't see how you could complain about those numbers!!

    Alot cheaper than paying for Ray's "Leadership skills"
  9. Rack Bauer

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    Brooking freakin' sucks.

    If Carpenter can't beat this clown out he should consider retirement.

    So we got a LESSER player than Zach who offers NO leadership whatsoever?

    Good job, Jerry. You freakin' idiot.
  10. BigWillie

    BigWillie Well-Known Member

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    I can agree on the lesser player part. But how in the world would you know anything about his leadership skills?

    I can understand being a bit upset, but every single person that has spoken about Brooking has commended him for being a good leader for the Falcons.
  11. Silverstar

    Silverstar Well-Known Member

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    Hoo r deez gize?
  12. BraveHeartFan

    BraveHeartFan We got a hat. I want a ring.

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    I'm ok with Brooking. It's not the ideal move but there was absolutely no shot that we were ever getting Ray anyway so I can see Brooking adding some depth and ability at the ILB spot for us.
  13. Rack Bauer

    Rack Bauer Federal Agent

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    That doesn't mean a thing. Did you expect people to come out and criticize him?

    Zach was a leader in Miami too, how'd he do for the Cowboys last year?
  14. BigWillie

    BigWillie Well-Known Member

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    So you just assume Brooking wasn't a leader based off of nothing to help validate your point? Just as long as we are clear on that.

    And why bring up Thomas? What does that have to do with Brooking? I didn't know they were one in the same.
  15. Bob Sacamano

    Bob Sacamano Benched

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    how is Brooking a lesser player? both are old and are limited to just racking up tackles

    and I've never pinned Zach as an in-your-face type of leader like Brooking is, Brooking is almost psychotic

    excuse me, Brookings
  16. Rack Bauer

    Rack Bauer Federal Agent

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    You can't possibly be that dense.

    I refuse to believe it.
  17. BigWillie

    BigWillie Well-Known Member

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    Rack, have you been sniffing glue today?

    They are two different people. Two different talents. Two different personalities.

    The only similarities is they are aging LB's we decided to sign. Any other similarity is an assumption on your part and nothing more.

    Listen, I agree with you. I don't like the signing at all. But if we are gonna call Brooking out lets at this try to be fair in our assessments.

    Could you imagine an opposing fan coming in here telling us that DeMarcus Ware was a locker room cancer. They do not know him and everything we know suggests otherwise. But their simple reasoning is that "what do you expect the Dallas media to say about him". You would rip the guy to shreds.
  18. hmcorp

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    this is why I like the signing...


    NFL get used to it.
  19. LatinMind

    LatinMind iPhotoshop

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    all i hear is brooking is on the decline. if 102 tackles is on the the decline, with 110 the previous yr, for an average of 2 mil per yr ill take it. and let the rest of u cry.

    heres to hoping dallas with brooking this yr and hoping dallas can draft cushing for the future.
  20. Hostile

    Hostile The Duke

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    We're spoiled. We want to pay $10 million for similar results.[/sarcasm]

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