Akin Ayodele Interview- Ask questions here.

Discussion in 'History Zone' started by BigDFan5, Apr 5, 2006.

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    Hello Akin,

    Welcome to Dallas and glad to have you aboard for a title run! I was just curious what your thoughts are regarding playing with Drew Bledsoe? Are you in awe? Nervous? How would you rank him compared to other QB's you've played with/against? Do you think he's one of the greatest QB's of all time?

    I remember the 2nd game of the 2003 season, I believe it was your 2nd year in the league, when Bledsoe was pulled in the 3rd quarter after lighting up the jaguars defense for over 350 yards in 2 1/2 quarters!

    That must have been quite the learning experience for you.....Thank goodness you don't defend him this year when we open the season in jacksonville!
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    A more pressing question would be, how many woodchucks would Chuck(Norris) Chuck, if Chuck would Chuck Woodchucks?

    FRDRCK DeWare94

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    Who do you look foward to working with on the defense the most, have you already made any really good friends on the team? And by the way, what number will you wear? The website has you listed at 50 but I don't know if it is official.
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    How do you see yourself fitting into the defesive scheme Dallas runs?

    In what ways do you hope to contribute (both on and off the field) to the team?

    In your opinion what needs does this Dallas need to address in FA or the draft in regard to defense?
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    Are you going to post the questions you choose prior to the interview?

    When can we expect the responses to be posted? Thanks!
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    Awesome Q&A!! Thanks for hooking up with Ayodele, BigDFan5!

    Q: What convinced you to sign with Dallas instead of other NFL teams?
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    As for posting quesions beforehand I am not sure

    I will email the questions to him tommorrow, and Hope to hear back very soon!
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    Which experience will you draw from more this year, your time as a linebacker for Jacksonville or as a defensive end in college? Obviously you'll be doing more coverage than when you were an end, but you will have to take on offensive guards all the time in the running game. Did your time at DE prepare you for that?
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    Q. What book has impacted your life the most?

    Q. What book have you read recently?
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    You're known as a hard nosed, very sure tackler who isn't afraid of contact. Do you think that makes you a better fit as a 3-4 linebacker as opposed to a 4-3, run around, sideline-to-sideline type LB? I see you as a little miscast as a 4-3 OLB and personally think inside in a 3-4 will suit your talents perfectly.
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    Dallas apparently will play you at ILB as opposed to SOLB. Did you know you'd play inside when Dallas offered you the contract? Also, would you rather play OLB because of the opportunity to sack the QB, or are you content to play inside and primarily plug the run?
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    Of all of the famous linebacker's that have played for Parcells like, Lawrence Taylor, Carl Banks, Brian Cox, Mo Lewis, Harry Carson, etc., who do you think you are the most like and why?
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    of the current players on the Dallas D who are you most excited to play with?

    Having played through some rivalries through out college and into the pro's are you ready for the Skins v.s. Cowboys rivaly?
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    Follow up.. Do you still have the Jags play books ? :)
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    You were in my criminology class at Purdue in I believe 99.... What was up with those tight shirts??? I guess when you have guns, you have to rep...
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    In memory of Nors :p:

    Q: Which do you prefer? The 3-4 or 4-3? What are the benefits for a team's overall defense, and what are your personal benefits in each system?
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    So is it safe to say you don't like pudding?
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    Are you worried that Zimmer will destroy your career and make you become a more passive player?

    Can you play FS? We really need one.

    Ok, real questions:
    How hard is the transition between different positions (DE to OLB to ILB) and different playbooks? What steps do you take to speed up the transition?

    Have you personally spoken with Parcells and if so to what extent?

    Have you received your defensive assignments playbook or will it change depending on the talent we continue to bring in through free agency and the draft?

    Which is more important, the players or the scheme?
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    what was your wonderlic score and isn't a person considered mentally ******** if they score below an 8?

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