Alec Ogletree

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by patrickstillhere, Jan 15, 2013.

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    A former safety, Ogletree showed off his terrific range and athleticism, making plays all over the field in 2012 and was often the best player on a defense loaded with NFL talent.

    Terrific quickness around the edge, capable of making stops in the backfield and is fast in pursuit. Doesn't shy from making the big hit. Arrives with deceiving power and violent intentions. Lengthy frame, athleticism and experience in coverage. Has the long arms scouts like from linebackers.

    Excellent special teams player whose ball skills were demonstrated when he leapt high to snatch an onside kick early against LSU in the SEC Championship game.

    Do you think he can play WLB or SLB?
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    He's more or less the ideal WIL. His coverage skills would be perfect for covering TE's and RB's. His speed to get the sideline quickly and cover the flat is also a huge plus. If we are going into this draft thinking BPA he's got to be strongly considered.
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    I would agree that he should be considered however I think in the 4-3 the emphasis will turn to the DL more than the LB.
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    I agree, especially when you consider that we already have Bruce Carter it makes it even tougher. But I don't think its possible to not like a talent like Ogletree on the roster.
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    I just did a post on him in the Hype a Prospect thread, but he's a perfect candidate for Mike in the Tampa 2. His range fits the scheme like a glove, let him carry inside receivers vertically down the field where he can use his converted safety skills to track down the deep ball. Carter can stay at Will and Lee can slide to Sam, which are ideal fits for their respective skill sets.
  6. Future

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    I'd absolutely take him if he falls to 18. I know we have more pressing needs than LB, but you can't pass up on the opportunity to have an LB corps of Tree - Carter - Lee imo...especially considering the injury history of the other two, I don't let OTree get passed 18.
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    if he falls to 18, i can assure you our phone will be ringing. trade down
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    If there is an opportunity to get better on the offensive or defensive line the. We have to start passing on these types of players at some point.
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    No doubt, Ogletree runs like WR. He swarms, but I didnt really care for his tackling ability all that much, not overly physical on what I saw. One thing about the SF and Sea defenses that I love is they are some of the best fundamental tacklers out there.

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