All Defense and All Offense Mocks

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Hostile, Apr 15, 2012.

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    Just for fun. I like the gimmick mocks from time to time.


    14. Mark Barron, SS, Alabama, 6'1", 215. Starts day 1. I don't know that I buy the next Ed Reed stuff, but he helps fix what ails us.

    45. Jared Crick, DE, Nebraska, 6'4", 280. I love his motor. I would start him and Lissemore bookended around Rat.

    #81. Casey Hayward, CB, Vanderbilt, 5'11", 192. We need CB depth in the worst way. Injuries caused our guys to play hurt and play bad.

    #113. Bryan Anger, P, California, 6'4", 208.
    Yeah I know he is Special Teams, not Defense but he helps the Defense by pinning the other team deep.

    #135. Jonathon Massaquoi, OLB, Troy, 6'4", 265. I would hope Ware would take him under his wing as a special project.

    #152. Hebron Fangupo, NT, BYU, 6'1", 325.
    I still think my pet cat is the best NT in this draft.

    #186. Chris Greenwood, CB, Albion, 6'1", 195. Kid from a small school who has great measurables and a higher ceiling than his college afforded him. Worth a risk here. Depth.

    #222. Akiem Hicks, NT, Regina, 6'5", 318.
    Yes, I know I already took Fangupo and we have Brent. I think this kid is going to be a real sleeper who can play DE in a 3-4, NT, or DT in a 4-3. Worth the pick


    #14. David DeCastro, OG, Stanford, 6'5", 315. Was there any doubt he was going to be here on my mock. There shouldn't have been if there was. I believe he is the best pure football player in this entire draft.

    #45. Peter Konz, C, Wisconsin, 6'4", 314. I don't care if we have to move back into the first. These top 2 picks make us the team to beat in 2012. Holes will open. Romo will have time. That means Dez, Miles, Jason, and DeMarco will kill.

    #81. LaMichael James, RB/KR/PR, Oregon, 5'8", 192.
    In open space this kid is electric. We need return men who give us field position advantages. Here he is.

    #113. Ryan Broyles, WR, Oklahoma, 5'10", 192. If you can tell me a better fit for Tony Romo in the slot than this kid I am all ears.

    #135. T. Y. Hilton, WR, Florida International, 5'10", 183. Yes, another WR. He is bullet fast and has good hands. Use him on returns, in the slot, on deep routes. Once he has the ball, stuff happens.

    #152. Rhett Ellison, TE, USC, 6'5", 251. I have come full circle on TE. He was the one I originally targeted and I am back.

    #186. Nick Foles, QB, Arizona, 6'4", 240. His critics are wrong. This kid has the potential to start one day in this league. Yes, he will start his pro career as a project. You can work with projects who are accurate and he is.

    #222. Lamar Holmes, OT, Southern Mississippi, 6'5", 325.
    I don't know about anyone else, but I am nervous with only 3 OTs. We need depth.
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    I do believe you have it!!!:bow:
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    i like the offense draft....
  4. Risen Star

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    Akiem Hicks is from Regina not Lehigh and he'll be loooooong gone before then.

    IMO, you need to re-evaluate this punter thing in the 4th round. Way too early for me for a guy I don't think is all that great of a prospect to warrant it.

    That all offense draft would make this team scary.
  5. Hostile

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    Fixed the Regina thing. It was late.

    I want a scary Offense.
  6. SDogo

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    Sounds like fun!


    14. Mark Barron, SS, Alabama, 6'1", 215.

    45. Vinny Curry, OLB, Marshall, 6'3", 266.

    #81. Billy Winn, DE, Boise St, 6'4", 294

    #113. Josh Chapman, NT, Alabama, 6'1", 316.

    #135. Josh Norman, CB, Coastal Carolina, 6'0", 197.

    #152. Tank Carder, ILB, TCU, 6.2", 236.

    #186. Janzen Jackson, S, McNeese St, 6'0", 188.

    #222. Drew Butler, P, Georgia, 6'1", 203.


    #14. David DeCastro, OG, Stanford, 6'5", 315.

    #45. Alshon Jeffery, WR, South Carolina, 6'3", 216.

    #81. LaMichael James, RB/KR/PR, Oregon, 5'8", 192.

    #113. Ryan Broyles, WR, Oklahoma, 5'10", 192.

    #135. Philip Blake, OC, Baylor, 6'3", 311.

    #152. Rhett Ellison, TE, USC, 6'5", 251.

    #186. Nate Potter, OT, Boise St, 6'6", 303.

    #222. Chandler Harnish, QB, Northern Illinois, 6'2", 219.
  7. robert70x7

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    14 - Quenton Coples
    45 - Jayron Hosley
    81 - Trumaine Johnson
    113 - Cam Johnson
    135 - Bryan Anger
    152 - Donte Paige-Moss
    186 - Jerry Franklin
    222 - Chigbo Anouby


    14 - Justin Blackmon
    45 - Amini Silatolu
    81 - Ladarius Green
    113 - Philip Blake
    135 - Chris Rainey
    152 - Donald Stephenson
    186 - Evan Rodriguez
    222 - Patrick Witt
  8. BAT

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    Defense and Offense

    1st (14) - Quinton Coples, DE, North Carlonia, 6'5 281 4.71

    2nd (45) - Aminu Silatolu, OG, Midwestern State, 6'4 315 5.34

    3rd (81) - Bruce Irvin, OLB, West Virginia, 6'3 245 245

    4th (113) - Markelle Martin, FS, Oklahoma State, 6'1 210 4.45

    4th (135) - Ladarius Green, TE, Louisiana-Lafayette, 6'6 250 4.51

    5th (152) - Chris Greenwood, CB, Albion, 6'1 195 4.34

    6th (186) - Chandler Burden, OG, Kentucky, 6'4 315 4.95

    7th (222) - Al Netter, C, Northwestern, 6'4 315 5.15

    :D I'm cheating I know, but best of both worlds here.

    Burden is a converted DL who is nasty and strong, can play OT and OG. Netter is also tenacious w/high football IQ, able to play every OL position. Both have their arrows pointed up and starting to get on teams' radars similar to Silatolu, Green, Hanna and Greenwood.
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    now all of the 'all offense' and 'all defense' mocks need to do is have a baby.
  10. Risen Star

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    Somebody do an all special teams mock. For Jerry.

    Follow it up with an all backups mock. In honor of 1995.

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