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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by neosapien23, Feb 4, 2014.

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    I have been stuck thinking about how Dallas can return to the glory land. I know a lot of posters including myself waned to go all in on the D line to fix the pass rush. Other posters have stated that FS is just as big a need as Dline. Other have been clamoring for more Oline depth and still others want another starting linebacker as Sean Lee seems to be injury prone and Bruce Carter is on a milk box. Everyone is right. Dallas has alot of needs and needs to spread its resources around in order to compete. Dline is still priority number 1 though.

    1st round Kony Ealy DE 6-5 275lbs. This guy has all the measurables you want in a DE and he produced. I know DT is a bigger need but the drop off from the 1st round DTs to the 2nd round DTs is not that great. Kony Ealy is much better than anything Dallas could get in the 2nd round and he is worthy of being taken at the 17th pick.

    2nd round Kelcy Quarles DT 6-4 298 lbs. Again has both the measurables and numbers you want at the position. I don't see much difference between Donald and Quarles and actually prefer Quarles's size. He is very explosive and will make an excellent 3 tech.

    3rd round Jimme Ward SS 5-11 191 lbs or Terrence Brooks FS 5-11 197 lbs
    Both of these guys have very good coverage ability and I would argue that they are the exact same type of player. Dallas should take who ever is left as they need a true centerfielder to keep pace in a pass happy league.

    4th round Lamin Barrow ILB 6-1 230 lbs. I really would like to take another DT here, but I do not trust Sean Lee to stay healthy. Besides Bruce Carter cannot be counted on either. Even if Halloman stays healthy and plays well, Dallas needs depth. Jags like Sims and Durant should not be getting significant playing time.

    5th round DeAnthony Thomas RB 5-9 170 lbs. Lance Dunbar is not Darren Sproles, I do not care what Jerry Jones says. And dare I say Dunbar is injury prone. Thomas cannot carry the rock but with Murray and Randle ahead of him, he doesn't have to. He will only get something like 7-8 touches a game which is fine. He is fast as lightning though and is a threat to score whenever he touches the rock.

    7th round Jay Bromley DT 6-3 307 lbs. Why is a guys that got so many sacks rated so low? I don't know but I would take him and pair him with Quarles to get excellent push up the middle.

    7th round L'Damian Washington WR 6-4 205 lbs. This guy is really big and really fast (runs a 4.3). Will need some time to develop and is very raw. With Bryant and Williams in front of him that's okay. Will help stretch the field as Dallas doesn't have a burner at WR.

    7th round Zach Fulton G 6-5 323 lbs. This guy has started for over 3 years at Tennesee. Extremely strong and fit for an Olineman. I do not understand why is rated so low when he has so much starting experience. Will provide excellent depth on the Oline.

    There it is ladies and gents. Jerry Jones needs to copy this post and take it to the war room.
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    I like the 1st 3 rounds a lot.
    Barrow is ok but wouldn't be my 1st choice, I'd prefer Tripp if going LB in the 4th
    Thomas is going to get hurt in the NFL. Really small. Don't hate the idea of a RB, just not a miniature one
    No problems with the 7th rounders
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    I really like tripp but see him as a 3rd rounder. He is a physical freak and is going to tear up the combine. Now if he slips to the 4th, I would take him over barrow.

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