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    Dan Baily is the only name from the Cowboys not on here that should be but there are a few other Cowboys mentioned and the number of votes they received. Not trying to fool anyone this article is about ripping apart the voting process and it does an excellent job of it but for the most part the first team AP is on but it gets a little funny on some of the second team guys. Good reading for Feb.
    Don't wanna eat up a big page so I just put the first couple paragraphs, the link will take you to the rest.

    The AP’s All-Pro Voting Process Is a Joke
    by Chase Stuart on February 11, 2014

    in Checkdowns, Current Events

    In early January, the Associated Press announced its All-Pro team. The voting process is pretty simple: 50 voters select their top players at each position, and a first-team All-Pro squad is announced. The runners-up at each position are placed on the second-team, but that leads to some very odd results. If fans, teams, and Hall of Fame voters are going to put weight on a player being considered a 2nd-team All-Pro, then the voters should actually vote for both a first and second team. Simply naming the second vote getter (or third and fourth vote getters at positions with two starters) as the second-team All-Pro(s) invites significant abuses of the system.

    Let’s take a look at the detailed voting breakdown. I’ve bolded the first-team All-Pro(s) at each position, and italicized the second-team “choices.”


    Peyton Manning, Denver, 50.

    This one’s pretty easy.

    Running Back

    LeSean McCoy, Philadelphia, 48; Jamaal Charles, Kansas City, 47; Adrian Peterson, Minnesota, 1; Eddie Lacy, Green Bay, 1.

    Did you hear that Eddie Lacy was a second-team All-Pro choice in 2013? That’s because one voter — presumably one in Wisconsin — decided that Lacy was better than McCoy or Charles in 2013. And that’s it. Is Lacy, or for that matter, Peterson, a more-deserving choice as a 2nd-team All-Pro than Matt Forte, Marshawn Lynch, Alfred Morris, Knowshon Moreno, or DeMarco Murray? Who knows — and that’s the point. The 2nd-team All-Pro honors going to Peterson and Lacy are essentially meaningless pieces of information. All we know is that 1 voter out of 50 decided that those two were top-2 running backs in 2013. Gregg Rosenthal noted that it was a shame that Forte was passed over for 2nd-team honors, and I agree with that sentiment. But Forte wasn’t passed over in the literal sense: had the 50 voters actually selected a second-team pair of running backs, I suspect Forte would have been chosen.

    It’s also worth noting that it appears as though 3 voters selected only one running back. Brilliant.
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    Cool read...saw Tyron got 14 votes as top tackle...why did Warford HAVE to be there :) ? Hatcher's 3 votes @ DT is the lone defender. Saw TJ Ward & Byrd each got 2 votes at Safety and both are FAs. Wouldn't be a terrible way to solidify the secondary while going for DL through the draft. Reading some of the pre-draft talk, it seems that S or OL might be the route in the first simply because no DL are justified at our spot (Donald/Jernigan)?

    EDIT: It was good to see Harris acknowledged with 2 votes @ KR...same as Hester.

    Love your avatar pic...been there a many times :D
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    I like Byrd. But I doubt he comes at a price we can accommodate.
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    Please don't mention Warford. You will be continuously told " he wasn't in our draft board". As if that makes it somehow not a very bad pass.
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    He just blew away any argument that All-Pro voting is more legitimate than Pro Bowl voting.
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    Not really, he suggested it was flawed. Joe fan doesn't get a vote for the All Pro team, if he did it would be a joke like the Pro Bowl.
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    The fan vote is only a third of the vote. Coaches and players each have a third. It's more legitimate than a Packers writer throwing in 1 vote and getting the guy 2nd team.
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    The fan vote is "one third" of the process, but because of the way the voting for each third is tabulated, the fan vote has almost no impact on who goes to the Pro Bowl.
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    No it isn't. Fans shouldn't vote at all. That they do makes it a joke.

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