all team weakness will be tested thoroughly on Thanksgiving...

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Big Country, Nov 21, 2005.

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    I'm always hoping for the best, but you can bet your bottom dollar that K. Davis will be tested, same goes for our LBs getting to the edge against a stout running game, a problem I saw big time yesterday... also our push up the middle by Fergi and Glover will be negated if Plummer consistently rolls out and finds open targets... big day for CBs to do their job as well as our pass rush by Spears, Ellis, and Canty... can't give them those 7 seconds that Harrington had at times looking for wide receivers... Rod Smith is a veteran and knows how to get open...

    I see our OL being run blitzed unmercifully by the Bronco LBs and them doing everything possible to stymie our ability to run the ball consistently... That has been an achilees heel big time. We better hold up against their defensive ends or it will be over quick too... Drew has been getting mucho pressure...

    By the end of this game either we're figuring out how to cover up weaknesses, or we go into December an exposed team... I can't wait until it's time for turkey and broncos.
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    If Ekuban manages a sack, I might cry.
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    That was hilarious!!!!


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