All the Players I wanted at #18 were gone Mock

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by xwalker, Jan 7, 2013.

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    This is just for fun. I realize that it would not happen in real life.

    My #1 goal is to FIX the running game.

    If you use the trade chart and continue trading down from #18 to a late 2nd, then you get a ton of picks in return. I’m not going to clutter this up with all the trading, but I got the following picks:

    2 Cordarrelle Patterson WR Big and extremely athletic
    2 Travis Frederick OC/OG Big and strong
    3 Khaled Holmes OC/OG Quick and good technician
    3 Le'Veon Bell RB Big, quick, powerful
    4 Brennan Williams OT Big, quick, ready early
    4 D.J. Swearinger S Very good in coverage and a big hitter
    4 Kenjon Barner RB Quick and elusive
    4 Brandon Williams NT Big, quick, great work-ethic
    4 Malliciah Goodman DE Tall, long arms, will need to bulk up to play 3-4 DE
    4 Michael Buchanan OLB Good size and athleticism
    5 Xavier Nixon OT/OG Big and athletic
    5 Kapron Lewis-Moore DE Good size with decent quickness
    5 Manase Foketi OT/OG Big and athletic
    5 Mario Benavides OC/TE Small Center, will convert to TE/FB
    6 Terron Armstead OT/OG Big and athletic
    7 Luke Marquardt OT Big and athletic
    7 Quanterus Smith OLB Tall and quick, injured

    Free Agents:
    Andre Smith (Cin), move from RT ot RG
    Knighton NT
    Safety - The best one the Cowboys can afford.

    The new offense:
    OT Tyron Smith
    OG Frederick
    OC Holmes
    OG Andre Smith
    OT Parnell

    RB Murray
    RB Le'Veon Bell (6-2, 244)
    RB Kenjon Barner

    TE Witten
    TE Hanna
    TE Mario Benavides, (6-4, 284), College OC

    WR Dez
    WR Cordarrelle Patterson

    QB Romo

    FB Vickers/Benavides
  2. Macnalty

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    There is some good talent on that list, and our Oline would be upgraded. I hope those guys are available to us at your predicted positions.
    Random thought, I just know there is going to be a Dontario Poe clone rising from the ashes this year and I think it might be Margus Hunt.
    I noticed how the rest of the Czone has started seeing why some (Walker, RS12) have had such great interest in the Alabama Oline in the draft zone. I am concerned about Barrett Jones and his foot injury(soft tissue ouch Lisz Franc), it should shove him down in our selection range. I would like to see Escobar San Diego State TE(bigger faster Witten and better hands than Hanna) with one of our later picks as he has always jumped off the screen and gets the what if juices flowing.
    Following your train of thought I like to have three to choose from in each rd here are my choices in early January with picks #18, picking after Saints,Rams, Steelers, #45 picking before Steelers after Rams, #79 after Phins, Rams, Steelers,

    rd one #18: Fisher OT/Warmack OG/Hankins DT/Ezekiel Ansah DE
    rd two #46: Barrett Jones OC/ Chase Thomas OLB/ Oday Aboushi Oline
    rd three#79: Shayne Skov LB/ Khaled Holmes OC/Travis Frederick OC
    rd four(I see some trades starting): Escobar TE/ Brandon Williams NT / Denard Robinson WR/KR
    rd five: Nico Johnson ILB/ Quanterus Smith Dline/ Stepfan Taylor RB
  3. Oh_Canada

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    Looking at this you drafted eight lineman and another one signed in FA, which means more than half of those guys are kind of wasted picks because they won't make the team. Would have preferred more dlineman and depth at corner and ILB instead.
    Do like the picks between Frederick and Williams.
  4. xwalker

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    I figure that if the Cowboys have the same rate of injury on the OL as they did in the last training camp, then they'll have about 3 of the 8 healthy for game-1.:rolleyes:
  5. Future

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    17 draft picks?

  6. xwalker

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    I like all of those players. I would add Jonathan Cooper to the list at #18 and maybe a Safety somewhere.
  7. jterrell

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    This looks a lot like the 2009 draft.

    You don't pass elite talent and drop that far.

    We need more top 50 players, not less.

    Assuming a bunch of late 2nd and 3rd round picks can start is unrealistic unless the team is in full rebuilding mode.

    All this draft would accomplish is to get truly get Garrett fired and speed rebuilding.

    Andre Smith is probably too expensive for us to sign at all much less sign and convert to an RG.
  8. DFWJC

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    If the value was not there at 18 (according to your board) trading down is always the right thing to do.
    But not having a 1st pick until late in Rd 2 may be pushing it.
    Thats about a full round later than i would prefer to start. Too far down, imo.

    If we had to drop down value-wise, my choice would be to make two trades that would turn our mid 1st and 2nd rounders into a late 1st rounder and an early 2nd rounder. We may even pick up a 5th rounder or so in the process.

    I like the odds of getting two starters with our 1st two picks in that case.

    I know it's all in good fun and I do like a buch of the players you took.
    But 17 draft picks? lol
  9. Macnalty

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    I like Cooper also, did not realize how small he is at least in mass, my understanding is he loses about 10lbs each season and plays under 300lb near the end. Still love his attitude and style.

    Would love to put a safety up but I have some hope for Johnson and the Achilles tendon of you know who so I left it short(I know it sounds like I am whistling in the dark).

    I think with the firing of Ryan that we need to adjust the focus from the Oline to probably picking the best DT or DE with round one. At our tier it might be Johnathan Hankins from Ohio State which would be top of the list at 18, then maybe Jesse Williams from Alabama or Johnathan Jenkins Georgia both of whom I thought would last into the second round.

    At DE Ezekiel Ansah plays in a 3-4 defense that uses a 2-gap system and he does an excellent job right now with limited training and I think a 4-3 system will not pose any additional burden on his talent which is immense. Texas has two guys to look at on the DE position Jeffcoat (injury 3rd Rd) and Alex Okafor who is probably going in the first rd. Sam Montgomery has the talent but is not the RKG for Jason Garrett.

    Wow we should hope for some slippage in this draft at the DE and DT positions and then start filling in the Oline. Sounds like Barrett Jones will fall with the Liszfranc injury going public and his doubtful status for the combine(The foot cannot be allowed to bear weight for a minimum of 6 weeks) makes training camp probably limited.

    I am also starting to really like the QB from Michigan wow but as a WR/ST returner he really is something to watch.
  10. xwalker

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    In reality I would only do something like trade down in the 1st and get an extra 2nd (i.e. add an extra top 50 pick).

    Yes, I expected some comparison to the 2009 draft. The one area that I believe that Garrett has added the most value to the team as the HC is in the draft and other player acquisition methods.

    The 2009 draft failed for reasons other than just trading down:

    They picked players that they didn't interview. Some of these players would not pass the mental-makeup test in the Garrett era, IMO.

    Robert Brewster - He had the size and quickness to play but didn't really like football and didn't put in the required effort to get in top condition.

    Jason Williams - Super athlete but slow learner that had played very little coverage in college.

    If these 2 players had even become starters in their 3rd year, the 2009 draft would have been reasonable considering that they gave up a 1st and 3rd for Roy Williams.

    Those two picks could have been Michael Johnson and Mike Wallace or any numbers of other NFL starters.

    I like the idea that Andre Smith could play either RT or OG in this scenario.

    How much do Right-Tackle-Only types get paid?


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