All-Time Dumbest Super Bowl Questions

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    Thurman Thomas
    Super Bowl XXVIII
    Bills running back Thurman Thomas was asked how he got psyched for big games. "I read the newspaper and look at the stupid questions you all ask," he replied. He probably spent hours at it because Super Bowl media day is a factory farm of dumb queries.

    Tom Brady
    Super Bowl XLII
    Patriots quarterback Tom Brady was asked: "What is your purpose in life?"

    Troy Aikman
    Super Bowl XXVII
    To Cowboy QB Troy Aikman: "Does it seem a little strange answering football questions in a baseball stadium?"

    Marshall Faulk
    Super Bowl XXXIV
    For Rams RB Marshall Faulk: "How come you have a podium while all your teammates are forced to stand out here?"

    Joe Salave'a
    Super Bowl XXXIV
    For Titans DT Joe Salave'a: "What's your relationship with the football?" (Salave'a's answer: "I'd say it's strictly platonic.")

    Jim Plunkett
    Super Bowl XV
    To Raiders QB Jim Plunkett: "Is it your mother who's blind, and your father who's deaf, or the other way around?"

    Doug Williams
    Super Bowl XXII
    To Redskins QB Doug Williams: "So how long have you been a black quarterback?" This is now widely debunked as an urban legend, but the following was asked:
    "Doug, would it be easier if you were the second black quarterback to play in the Super Bowl?"

    Mark May
    Super Bowl XXII
    To Redskins OL Mark May: "How does it feel to block for the first black quarterback in the Super Bowl?

    Ray Lewis
    Super Bowl XXXV
    To Ravens LB Ray Lewis: "How long have you been surrounded by thugs?"

    Larry Fitzgerald
    Super Bowl XLIII
    Arizona Cardinals wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald was asked by an Access Hollywood reporter, "Who has the better hair, you or Steelers safety Tony (sic) Polamalu?"

    Matt Leinart
    Super Bowl XLIII
    The Cardinals quarterback was asked by Inez Sainz of Azteca, "Can I measure your bicep?"

    Joe Montana
    Super Bowl XXIII
    To 49ers QB Joe Montana: "So why do they call you Boomer?"

    Cornelius Bennett
    Super Bowl XXVIII
    To Bills LB Cornelius Bennett: "Do you believe you can win?"

    Heath Irwin
    Super Bowl XXXI
    To Patriots G Heath Irwin: "Would you like to see the AFC win the Super Bowl?"

    Nate Newton
    Super Bowl XXX
    To Cowboys G Nate Newton: "Have you noticed the logo is missing on one side of the Steelers' helmets?"

    Kurt Warner
    Super Bowl XXXIV
    To Rams QB Kurt Warner: "Do you believe in voodoo, and can I have a lock of your hair?"

    Emmitt Smith
    Super Bowl XXVII
    To Cowboys RB Emmitt Smith: "What are you going to wear in the game Sunday?"

    Detron Smith
    Super Bowl XXXII
    Broncos FB Detron Smith: "What size panties do you think you'd wear?"

    Kent Hull
    Super Bowl XXV
    To Bills C Kent Hull: "Can I have your pants?"

    Orlando Pace
    Super Bowl XXXIV
    For Rams OT Orlando Pace: "After the game, in the shower, what's your favorite bar of soap?"

    Kevin Greene
    Super Bowl XXX
    To Steelers LB Kevin Greene: "How long does it take you to wash your hair?"

    Jay Williams
    Super Bowl XXXIV
    To Rams DE Jay Williams: "Is Ram a noun or a verb?"

    John Elway
    Super Bowl XXXIII
    To Broncos QB John Elway: "Are you going to listen to Stevie Wonder perform at halftime?"
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    And some members of the media can not figure out why some players will not talk to them. :D

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