Am I a redskin hater?????

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by CowboyWay, Apr 26, 2008.

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    Well, of course I am, however, I was over at another website, no names mentioned, and there are many who are slobbering all over their draft (in fairness there are many who don't like it).

    They are talking about how they got the best recievers in the draft, however, if you look a little deeper............

    No recievers were taken in the first round. So while you may have gotten the best recievers, so what? If I were to tell you you could have the prettiest pile of dog poo in my backyard, its still dog poo.

    Nothing scares me more than one year wonders. Devin Thomas. You want to talk about ZERO production before this year, he had like 13 catches the year before, and the year before that, he was in JUCO.

    Malcolm Kelly. Sorry, I know he has great hands, but a 4.7 40 time???? You got to be kidding me. I know Lineman who are as fast. Someone has to explain how a WR can be successful in this league who runs a 4.7 Not to mention his knees. Two bad knees AND runs a 4.7????? I wouldn't touch him with a 10 foot pole.

    Fred Davis. Good tight end, but I'm not a big fan of USC players. Especially skilled players. They are on the best team in a very weak conference.

    Their O and D lines are decrepid. And outside of maybe Davis, I can't see those two other wideouts helping them this year. Heck, they may not help much next year either.

    I just don't know what they're crowing about over there. Can anyone explain it to me?
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    I have criticized them for always going after midget WRs in Free Agency. I'm a little perplexed about the Davis pick. Cooley and Sellars are okay for them at TE. I do think they helped themselves at WR if one of those guys develops. Thomas is the one I'd bet on.
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    I agree with most of what you said except that USC plays in a very weak you know who is in the PAC-10? Oregon, Arizona State, Cal, USC. ASU was very strong last year but losing their starting RB hurt. Oregon might have had the #1 spot @ one point but they lost Dennis Dixon. Cal was solid, not great, but they werent a pushover. PAC-10 wasnt as weak as you think.

    I also think Devin Thomas could have a good career he has all the intangibles, and in a WCO, he fits very well there.
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    I'm a little torn about the Skins draft... on the one hand, it looks like Day One was "let's get Jason Campbell a little help" day; they wanted to get bigger at WR, and boy, they did just that... I suspect it was not their plan to draft 2 WRs, but when they looked up and Kelly was still on the board with that final second round pick, they just couldn't pass on it...

    So they've taken a weakness, and made it a strength... but they also failed to address serious needs in the trenches, and anybody they add at this point will be a bit short of a sure thing... I'm just not convinced they didn't engage in a little overkill at WR...

    And as Hos noted, the Davis pick puzzled me, because he's purely a receiving TE, he's just not much of a blocker... the Skins already have a fine receiving TE in Cooley, if they felt the need to go TE early, I would have expected them to look at somebody like Bennett first...

    I'm sure the Cowboys were happy that they didn't...
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    They took a best player available approach over drafting needs it looks like -- Vinny said that they had gotten in trouble in the past, when jumping around the board and drafted on need alone.

    That being said, WR was one of our biggest needs, I'm just not sure they needed to grab three -- the TE they grabbed has played WR too. We really had no one behind Cooley, however, I too thought they would prefer I guy that could block.

    There's still five more rounds and this draft is loaded w/ lineman and cornerbacks, so they still have time to draft some need positions. I bet they would have drafted Merling if he was still there w/ that last pick.

    Hopefully they don't draft any more receivers!
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    Jerry Rice didn't have a great 40 time. I'm not saying Kelly will be the next Rice, not at all, but workout numbers in non-football situations don't tell the whole story.
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    That's irrelevant to Malcom. Little do they know the third time he ran the 40-time he ran some where in the 4.4's. He just ran a 4.7 at the scouting combine.
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    From what I hear a lot is Kelly has really bad knees, so I wouldn't look at him being a long term solution to the skins receiving corps

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