Am I the only one here who hates coffee?

Discussion in 'Off-topic Zone' started by Reverend Conehead, Apr 9, 2017.

  1. Dallas_Cowboys50

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    Id rather have a McD's Iced Coffee, but this shiz is pretty good to and obviously bang for buck goes further......
  2. negativecreep

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    Man I swigged like two thirds of one of those at my buddies house one morning, tasted great but I didn't know how strong it was...bouncing of the walls for like 4 hours...then passed out on his couch, lol. His GF woke me up later. Caffeine isn't my thing :)
  3. Supercowboy1986

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    I didn't start drinking coffee until I was 22.

    For me, it was an acquired taste, similarly to when I first started drinking beer.

    I used a lot of cream and sugar when I first started but now I prefer to drink it black. I really enjoy the taste of the different blends and beans, the caffeine boost is just a plus.
  4. Melonfeud

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    That's the old school ' Mexican breakfast',, I've started many days that way,,,, I've pretty much stopped drinking coffee (unless it's cold and zero dark thirty and I've got to work) pretty much gave up the 3 cans of red bull a 4 vicodins a day habit about 6 years ago, I buy those
    ' goodies' at Walgreen's a slide it in my shirt pocket while brushing my teeth in the morning nowadays.

    (Sure miss Alka-Seltzer morning relief tablets,,, those were the best kick-start, cure a hangover I've
  5. hipfake08

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    No. I've drank about 10 cups of coffee my entire life.
  6. punchnjudy

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    Anyone here tried bulletproof coffee (basically coffee mixed with butter and oil)? Does the jolt from it really last throughout the day?
  7. Slammed0

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    I also am not a coffee fan. LOVE the smell of it brewing but not a fan of actually drinking it.

    Funny though, I can tolerate iced coffee. lol
  8. haleyrules

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  9. strollinruss

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    I bet it would make you crap like a pet coon.
  10. csirl

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    Made from real iron girders!

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