Am I the only one who thinks the Bears D is overrated?

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by Joshmil53, Oct 11, 2012.

  1. Joshmil53

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    Two picks from blown plays by us, 1 fumble because of a terrible RG.

    GB is the only team I could say they really beat, even then, the Packers have looked like crap in some aspects this year.
  2. Lonestar94

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    Yes you are

    They are winning, and dominating teams teams despite how good or bad they are. Held Jacksonville to 3 points? I dont care how damn bad the Jaguars are, that is very impressive.

    Yes we made some mistakes in the game but they CAPITALIZED so how are they over rated? They won fair and square. Nothing that happens will make me feel any better about the loss.
  3. Bluestang

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    The Bears defense is as every good as advertised, it's just you.
  4. TheCoolFan

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    They've had a good-to-great defense for about 10 years now. They play physical, hard-nosed defense and they force turnovers. Their CBs are aggressive and can make plays...I love their style. When's the last time you looked at the Bears and said "This defense is soft!"

    You don't have to shutdown teams for 4 quarters to be considered a great defense. I'd easily take a defense that will give up some yards but will come through with multiple turnovers per game
  5. Seven

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    17 takeways in 5 games, 13 of them INT''s you.

    BTW you only included 2 picks. There were 5. No matter how they happened, they got the ball cause they're always around it and aware.

    EDIT - Dallas has 4. Only one of which is a pick.
  6. Teren_Kanan

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    They've been pretty good on my fantasy team!
  7. Sarge

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    They are a turnover machine! They are hardly overrated.
  8. jimmy40

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    Yeah but that don't have 1,017 different formations like Rob Ryan does so obviously they're overated. Playing good sound defense doesn't work in the NFL, you have to be flashy.
  9. bark

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    actually they lost to gb in wk 2

    bears d is pretty solid tho

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