An Aggie email to JFE

Discussion in 'Sports Zone' started by WoodysGirl, Jan 9, 2006.

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    Is this u, HH31??? :D

    And, finally, e-mailer Mitch, a self-described Maroon-blooded Aggie, is struggling with this Texas national championship: “Not everyone in this wonderful state is a Texas Longhorn fan. Sure, I’m an Aggie. Yes, we wanted USC to 'beat the hell outta t.u.' We admit that our blood is maroon (figuratively, Jen) and we acknowledge that we may have been victimized by all the brainwashing that takes place within and around College Station, the Brazos Valley and throughout all of Texas. Our worst fears have come true. We are forced to hear about the Texas Longhorns, Mack Brown, Vince Young and their perfect national championship, day in and day out until February.

    "Then, I suppose we will be forced to hear about the Longhorns all season long in ’06. Spring game, two-a-days, Red River Shootout, Mack, Vince, Heisman, their greatness. ... There is no end, is there?”

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    He probably lost a bet and had to write this letter as compensation. He brings up all things UT in it.
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    I really, really, really don't think I can take the tu jock riding for 8 months :banghead:

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    Well, you can always end it. :chainsaw:

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    The funny thing is Longhorn gear outnumbers aggie gear around town. Bryan, College Station has turned burnt orange.

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