An Interesting Draft Scenario By Colin Cowherd

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Hostile, Apr 14, 2008.

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    Heres something else. The 4 guys that Miami would be happy with will not go before the 5th pick. One of them will last past 4, hell 2 of them might if ATL takes a QB and OAK takes DMC.

    If Bill is serious about making that move, it wouldn't shock me to see those kids' agents start getting ahold of Bill to work a deal. #4 overall money is a lot more then #6 or #7 or where ever they might go.

    It could easily go that route and work out for everyone.....everyone except ATL, STL and OAK I suppose.
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    Again, I don't disagree with you, in theory. I actually agree with the concept, in theory, of not making the pick.

    But the reality is the Dolphins clearly would be looked at by the league as trying to undermine "the system" and you just can't get away with those kind of bush-league tactics. If a team wants to move down, fine.
    But find a trade partner and make a trade, just like Jerry did with Roy Williams.

    But holding the #1 pick and simply not picking would be a public relations disaster for the NFL. Goodell would rip Parcells and the entire Fins ownership a new one if they pulled a stunt like that. That's why Ron Wolf said what he said.
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    the consensus top picks for this year's draft are

    c. long
    j. long
    v. gholston
    g. dorsey
    m. ryan
    d. mcfadden

    only those six have been invited to the nfl draft.

    suppose the top pick in this year's draft should to get money comparable to last year's #1 pick, but on the way to the draft all 6 die in a bus crash. would the next best player still get money comparable to last year's #1 pick since someone has to be chosen first overall?

    ask yourself if leodis mckelvin or ryan clady is worth $35M guaranteed?
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    Why would they take the bus?
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    I don't think he would. Why would he? It's within the rules per Greg Aiello. I mean how does that conversation go?

    "You played by the rules. How dare you?"

    It's like accounting, you always try and pay less.

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    Somethings changed. Players, agents, Clubs and the League now know that something is broken and it has to be fixed.

    To me, that's the one good thing that could really come out of this.
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    Berman's head exploding...

    How is that not a good thing?

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    Ding, ding.

    That is what is really at the heart of this thing. Bill is trying to drive the price down on his pick. Lets say he really want Ryan. Ryan's agent is looking at the possability of not being picked till lets say the 6th pick or lower. He could be the 1st pick for much less then 30 Million Guaranted or he could be the 6th pick for much, much less then 30 Million Guaranted. That's what is really going on here.

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    You and me Hos. Were lock step on this one. I can only see good coming from something like this, even if it is turbulant at the outset. Eventually, it will work to the advantage of the players and the owners. The end product will be a better NFL.

    The bye product, which also happens to be a plus, is watching Berman's head explode.

    Let's see him go pick up Leather after that one.

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    I don't disagree things should probably change. But if, as you say, everyone knows something is broken and it has to be fixed, how is offering up Jake Long as the sacrificial lamb expounding on anything more than they already knew? As Jerry said, NOTHING can be done til the new's obviously on their radar.

    As I've said, while this may help Miami save money, St. Louis will STILL be paying the #1 money, so NOTHING will have changed. The way I see it, you're screwing the player and St. Louis to prove a point you admittingly say we all already know, all the while, not achieving anything on the pay scale problem.

    And as much as I would enjoy Berman's head most likely won't, and he'll just be even more obnoxious.

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    I think the role that something like this would serve is to provide a preliminary look at how it could be in years to come, until such time as the CBA is restructured, if it ever is. This is a wake up call to all parties involved.

    I see this as a situation in which things can be scaled back to a reasonable level.

    I compare this to watching a guy hook up his trailor up to his truck and pulling out of a camping grounds, many years ago. Clearly the guy was not familiar with how to do this. He struggled with it for maybe half an hour and then finally, when he was satisfied that it was attached, he pulled out and started down the dirt road and out of the camp site. 20 feet down the road, he hit a bump and the trailor poped right off the hitch. The guy realized that something was wrong when he saw the trailor dragging behind the truck with only the sway chains keeping it attached to the truck. When the guy stopped, naturally, the trailor bumped into the back of the truck and all came to a rest. Don't know if you can imagine how comical this looked to all who were watching. I'm certain the guy felt like an idiot, as well he should have for not securing the trailor properly.

    Now, nothing serious happened. The truck and the trailor probably swapped a little bit of paint but you could clearly see that the ramifications of what potentially could have happened were running through the poor guys mind. He looked down, shock his head for a minute and then hussled up to reattach the trailor, making certain that the hitch and ball were securely seated before tightening it back up, once again. Took much less time the 2nd go round and after maybe 10 minutes, they were back on the road.

    That guy was me, the truck was pretty new and the trailor was rented from U-haul because at the time, I could not afford my own but since I had 5people with me, I could not fit all the camping gear in my truck so I rented the damn trailor. Nothing really hurt except my own pride but, my mind was thinking, what if that would have happened down the road going a lot faster? It was a warning to me. Get your own damn trailor and don't be stupid or lazy.

    That's kinda how I see this thing.

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    If Miami convinces one of the top six to take 10 percent less than Russell got last year, would the #2 pick be expected to take 10 percent less than last year's #2?

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