Anatomy of a Romo INT

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by REDVOLUTION, Oct 30, 2006.


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    We know he is smart.
    We know he is mobile.
    We know he can read defenses.
    We know he will use all of his weapons.

    His INT last night was one of those "impulse" throws where he was trying to make something happen with a low % chance of success... BP refered to this some years back with Quincy.

    So... he has 4 INT's so far

    1. ball tipped - I think too many of his passes are tipped - what to do?
    2. impulse-type play - threw to lineman? - poor decision - Julius was held?
    3. a fastball to defender taken back for TD - was that a timing thing? poor route?
    4. a flutter throw that gave defender chance to make a play - poor decision
    I see this as a MAJOR negative on Romo's part... he has to get that under control.... its very Favre-like.... thats not the part of Favre that we want from Romo
  2. dallascowboysfan31

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    :) although i do agree with you 100 percent, i think we can all agree that romo played better than most expected. i was very skeptical about romo coming in but am pleasantly suprised and am ready to jump on the romomobile. let him enjoy his win as well as the rest of us.
  3. CrazyCowboy

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    I would call the int more of a concern that he and BP will work out......I am not worried.
  4. KC10Sooner

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    I'll say this about Romo. I think he is learning from his mistakes. Early in last nights game, he tried to set up the screen and it was covered. He did the right thing and just took the sack.

    Another thing I noticed, I don't remember many passes that were poorly thrown that the Panthers could have actually intercepted (except the one that was..and that was debatable).

    I don't know if he is that smart or just to young to know any different.

    Whatever....I like it so far and hope he continues to improve.

    Notice how much better the D was when they actually had time to catch their wind.
  5. HowAboutThemCowboys

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    Its only his first start. In my opinion, it's not an issue as of yet.
  6. Cowboy4ever

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    Not sure I saw any balls tipped last night.. and only 1 the first game.. so not sure where that is coming from

    The screen that got picked off was a very bad decision.. but he had basically the same play last night and ate the ball..shows the growth and that he learned his lesson..

    The other two were not huge mistakes. They turned out to be, but they were not very bad decisions, just bad throws. The one last night was a bad throw, he didn't set his self right and couldn't get anything on the throw, poor mechanics more than anything, but saying that.. the WR , in this case TO, has got to do more to save his QB. All in all.. Romo has way more upside than downside at this point.
  7. chinch

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    not a big concern and certainly nothing bill can't keep under control.

    if drew as QB you'd all be waiting for the goalline INT or dumb play in crunch time, so we'll have to work around it as Tony matures.

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    I think there was one last night... I just dont want the book on Romo to be... just jump and you will deflect his pass... is his release point low on some throws?

    Not dwelling on Negatives by any means... I actually think he can match his negatives with a comeback positive... I just dont want that to be the Romo norm.

    Ah... Mondays are so much sweeter after a win... not just a win... a team that played hard and strong
  9. Crown Royal

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    That throw was bad, but not really indicative of his game last night. Honestly, I don't think the near INT in the endzone was a big deal - normally TO goes and gets that ball. I'd throw it and so would about 30 other QBs in the league.

    The throws that conccern me are the ones sideline to sideline. Romo doesn't have the zippy arm we are used to - more Pennington-esque. He can overcome that with brains and ball placement, but eventually a DB is going to jump the out or hitch and catch Romo on that.

    Other than that, his decision making was that of a 4 year vet last night.
  10. speedkilz88

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    Babe explained that Sunday morning. Crayton was suppose to run a hook and cut in instead.
  11. Stautner

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    The near INT in the end zone was just a bad throw, not a bad decision. The bad decisions (like with the one actual INT) are all that I'm worried about, and he kept that to a minimum last night.

    REDVOLUTION Return to Dominance

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    Thanks for that. I hadnt heard that.
  13. Crown Royal

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    It wasn't the best of throws, but I am sure that if you have a CB giving up about a foot on TO and just throw it above both their heads, 7 times out of 10 To gets the ball.
  14. Stautner

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    I'm glad to hear that - I hadn't heard an explaination up til now.
  15. aikemirv

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    If that is the case then that one is on Crayton and not Romo at all. It would have been a completion had Crayton run the right route. Good to know because it looked that way to me when I first saw it anyway.
  16. joseephuss

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    It was a poor decision to try to throw the ball over Strahan when Strahan was so close to him. Very few QBs were going to get the ball over Strahan in that situation. I don't think Romo has played enough to say he has a problem with balls be batted down.
  17. ghst187

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    The question though is....
    How many 3 and outs did we have? I'm not sure, but I can't remember any. There sure weren't many.
    We moved the ball consistently. And that fact kept our defense off the field for much of the game (the only way we can keep them from getting exposed). His mobility aided the OL and helped the running game.
    Romo moved us down the field and hit 6 different receivers.
    I'll take his stat line from this last game...INT and all.

    REDVOLUTION Return to Dominance

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    You sure you wanna run with that one? :rolleyes:
  19. SultanOfSix

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    I had mentioned this previously in one of the previous threads about Romo's interception. The first two didn't concern me as much as the last one, but I wasn't sure if it was Romo's fault or Crayton's fault because it depended upon the route Crayton was supposed to run. As I said, if he ran the curl route, then it was Crayton's fault. But if it was a post, then it was Romo's fault. Apparently, this was the fault of Crayton, which makes all three interceptions, although not excusable, more acceptable on my end.
  20. RW31

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    uhm it was his first career start :banghead:
    but seriously, why cant he just play perfect? with 0 experience. i mean how hard could that be? just make perfect decisions and perfect throws all the time and we'll be happy. it cant be THAT hard :rolleyes:

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