And with the first pick in the 2011 NFL Draft, the Dallas Cowboys select..

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by CowboyWay, Oct 26, 2010.

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    First, you should pray that Dallas doesn't get #1 as we would be paying a rookie an insane amount of money.

    A #5-#10 pick would be much better as well as address our needs. CB is definitely one and being able to potentialy snag Patterson or Amukamara to pair with Jenkins gives us a 1-2 punch for the future. This is not shaping up to be a strong OT draft and anyone in that range may be a reach. Safety? Sure, but not that high. QB? Please, we can't pay someone millions of dollars and half their contract to hold a clipboard.

    Ideally, we snag one of the two CB studs. If that doesn't happen, trade down into the low teens to take Marcus Cannon from TCU and Mark Barron from Bama. You address two positions of need with two studs.
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    you take franchise QB if available. let him watch Romo for year then trade Romo away. I know Tony numbers are up this year and offensive line has issues...but Romo mentally regressed this year. 2nd and 3rd round picks I would go OL and LB. Use FA to address safety.
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    Mentally regressed? You don't even know what that means. If you think any QB could "mentally" thrive on a team that lets defenders go unblocked and asks it's QBs to bail them out of 2nd and 20 because the defense/special teams just let the opponent drive down the field for another easy score, you're out of your mind.

    You're about to get a 8-10 week education in what a great deodorant Tony Romo was for this team.
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    My eyes!!!!!

    This thread needs a shot of penicillin.
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    If you mean high picks as in 2nd and/or 3rd round, then yes, depending on who's there. But, once again, in this particular draft I don't see anybody jumping into the starting 5 right away. I don't see any OL being worthy of a top 10 pick at all and it doesn't make sense, again, for this team, to get yet antoher developmental lineman.

    I'd rather they go the FA route. Mankins would be absolutely fantastic. I've yet to see the possible FA list, and I'm ASSuming there's going to be a season with new CBA rules ( big ASSumption ) but if they do happen, that would be the way to go.

    Mankins at RG, bringing back Kosier to temporarily man the LG position. I'd use Costa the same way the Cowboys used Stepnoski at the begining of his career, playing him at both guard spots before taking over the C position eventually for Rafferty. I'd put as much emphasis in getting Brewster and Young ready as they did with Free. I think Young would eventually win the job at RT with Brewster settling in for the LG spot in the long run. I wouldn't mind if in the end, and because they earned it through hard work and developing their games to the next leve, a starting O-line of:

    LT: Free
    LG: Brewster
    C: Costa
    RG: Mankin
    RT: Young

    We're going to need new O-line coach to make that happen, though.
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    Haven't followed this thread to closely, but if we end up with a top 5 pick. I don't know what OL people would want to take. At this point in time there isn't even an OL worth a top 10 pick. You have to go Patrick Peterson at that point, only player that really fills a weak spot. And if Jenkins keep taking steps backward, the CB's may be almost as bad as the OL.
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    You realize Romo is only out for 6-8 weeks right? It wasn't a career-ending injury.
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    As bad as Jenkins has played lately......the starting CBs are not the problem. In fact, I'd say our starters are still right up there with the best in the league (if Jenkins rebounds)....but they're being asked to do too much in covering for our pathetic patch job at safety. Worst safety play in the league IMO....and our corners are getting the shaft for it.

    ...but yeah, I'm not opposed to Peterson. As good as Newman is, he's prone to get dinged, and he's likely on the downslope at this point. If Peterson is there, he's hard to pass up on.

    Our CB depth, however is a VERY serious concern.

    I also have a feeling that the draft outlook for OL prospects will change dramatically between now and the spring. I have a very hard time believing that there are no linemen worth a top 5 pick. Time will tell.

    Do yourself a favor and read the whole's actually quite amusing.
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    I understand what your saying, but if you have a top 10 pick, (i think you misunderstood me) you stay in that range. I still think that the raiders will self desctruct, and that their pick which patriots have will be a top 10 pick. Another reason why i say this is because of what jerry jones says. Economics wise, you cant afford the first overall pick, to expensive. And who runs the team jerry jones as we all know, which is part of the problem to some detail.

    Sure, some of it is on players and wade too, especially doofus wade, but dont get me started on him.

    AS reports say, there could be at end of year, 3-5 top super QBs coming out, if Luck does come out. If raiders do self explode, and patriots do want the alabama running back, you could trade down alittle, not far mind you stay in top 5, but get extra picks.

    As far as brewster, let me ask you this. When cowboys cut brewster, and before they resigned him to practice squad, did any other NFL team sign him? No! If
    there was reports that some players were late to meetings, with coaches screaming at them, with brewster still out of shape football wise, flabby and to heavy. so, you want to count on him as an OT. With Sam Young you might have a better chance. There is as you know lack of discipline, hard hitting training camp with doofus wade, that goes back to doofus wade and his coaching style.

    As well as getting players ready. Mr fixit always waits and waits to fix things, touchdown celebrations, took 2 weeks like chris carter said, bringing in refs to fix penalties, what 5 games to fix that? And now as you saw last night, this team has had only 3 cbs, and no real free safety. We saw what happened with just 3 cbs, with newman being hurt, who couldnt tackle due to rib cartilage injury. Dumb! that goes back to head coach doofus wade.

    So, what does this team need badly, an offensive linemen like Mankins, and 2 top offensive linemen drafted. And possibly a top QB.

    So, if raiders pick is a top 10 pick, and you cant get patriots to trade and get their 2 number ones, then you should think about it, but go always with best player. I just dont see jerry jones standing pat with number one overall pick if we have the first pick in the draft. I think jerry will trade down some money wise.

    The patriots got mankins with their 32nd pick, so you can get an OG in bottom of draft, if patriots with their other number one, get to playoffs and their own number one is say 28th to 32nd in first round. Plus, if you have top picks in each round, you would be getting a top player in 2nd, 3rd, and 4th to 5th rounds.

    Thats what I would do, but I would scream if we draft another defensive player with our number one pick, we need help at QB and offensive line badly.

    You should be able to get a good DE in 2nd to 3rd rounds. Hince, why i would consider if raiders pick is a top 10 pick, and you can get patriots 2 number one picks.

    Suppose to be 3-5 top super QB next year if luck comes out
    Theres about 5 top OTs next year too, with some decent OG/C's too
    There s about 5-7 top cbs, and yes we do need a cb, but i would try to get one in 2nd to 3rd round.

    remember the steelers got a decent qb a few years ago, with big ben with aboiut the 11th overall pick in first round.

    You just have to do your homework in scouting and drafting.
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    Patrick Peterson has the size and physicality to start out at FS. Let him move to slot CB in nickel and let him return all kicks, and you're looking at a player who could rack up a ton of snaps in a lot of valuable roles as a rookie. Then he can replace Newman as a fulltime CB in a year as or so when it's time to let him move on.
  12. cowboyjoe

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    again i will scream if we take a defender with our top pick, we need offensive linemen and a young top impact QB like Luck
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    Would you still scream if by that point we've signed a top FA lineman?

    I sure wouldn't.
  14. InmanRoshi

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    I would be interested in looking at Stephen Paea, the best defensive tackle in the draft, and I go to a 4-3 scheme with Spencer, Ratliff, Paea and Ware on the line. Ratliff isn't just going to hold out much longer as a 60 snap a game 3-4 nosetackle. He needs to be moved to a fulltime 3-tech, and quit being asked to absorb double teams for 60 snaps a game. His body just isn't going to hold out that much longer. There will be no shortage of potential defensive coordinators hitting the market well versed in the 4-3 between John Fox, Lovie Smith, Rod Marinelli and Jack Del Rio (some of which coached with or against Gruden for many years).
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    We'll win 7 games without Romo? I hope you're right. Every win will be gold for me. Screw the draft. I can't stand to see this team lose.:mad:
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    i think we have our safety in ansah, but youve got to play him, if we lose to jacksonville and packers, then i say play young players see how they play, give them experience.

    i think we need an OT ( a stud offensive linemen), top impact QB to push romo, OG, and CB

    this will do one thing and then we will see

    cowboys will have a losing year, and teams will laugh at them, mock them, etc... then these dallas cowboys players will see how you dont let up on a team and you kick them when their down, something that the cowboys players need to learn

    you should be able to see also at some point how stephen mcgee is improving, so if you need a top qb you can get one next year

    this should also push jerry jones into cleaning some house, getting a top head coach that is a disciple coach

    then you start from there, i think this team needs a top impact QB (after I have thought about it) i want a QB that will push the dog out of romo, with romo realizing there is a QB on this team with more talent that could take his job at anytime

    i want a top OG that can push the dog out of big leonard davis, some of these players need to be pushed hard

    then i want a team with tough intensity level with killer demeanor of a nasty team that no team wants to mess with

    and i dont want wades son on this team either coaching, we had a chance to get owen schmidt, but we messed around and around, like wade does to fix things, and we got our qb killed due to no dominant fullback on this team

    im not pointing fingers at grokiski, in time, i think he can be good, but u dont ever want a rookie at fullback unless your rebuilding,thats a way you get your qb killed, which is exactly from what im hearing happened to romo

    i blame that on wade for not getting fullback owen schmidt that the eagles have now
  17. Nightshade

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    No, if we're to get enough good prospects at O-line and D-back trading down isn't such a bad idea in our situation with high picks.
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    The league needs to do away with guaranteed contracts. Only insurance policies on those contracts. (ie, if a player has a career ending injury, he still gets his money)

    If a man doesn't earn his money, he should get paid that money.
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    Take the best player available period. We have to many holes to draft a "position". Take the best player on your board and pray your scouts know what they are doing. Anything outside of that you trade down for multiple picks. Of course with Jerry we would trade it for an extra 5th and two extra 7th's.
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    I hope Sam Young gets some reps this season ...

    Going into the draft, it'd be very nice to know if Young is a viable option at RT.

    And it isn't like playing Young will ruin the season. The season is already ruined.

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