Andrew Hawkins... 4th and Long Thread *Spoilers*

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by juck, Jun 8, 2009.


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    But at least Irvin kept his scissors at bay :lmao:
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    I rue the day amendola was ever mentioned at all.

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    You forgot "Can I get an Amendola" :lmao2:
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    Bill Bates was picked up by a NFL team ...... not a reality show.

    Bill Bates was given the same opportunity as Tony Romo ..... they were good enough to be looked at by teams after the draft.

    The guys on this show were not.

    You cannot compare Bill Bates and Tony Romo to the clowns on this show.

    But I will be rooting for them.
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    Good post. I don't think Hawkins is a "Ham and egger" (i.e., garden variety-type player) as was suggested. The guy has some skills.
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    Yeah, Everson Walls sucked. What right did he have coming in off the street and taking a shot at a life long dream. Everyone knows that if you miss your shot you should just quit, rollover, and die. Also, football scouts and executives never miss on drafting someone.... like Romo. Come on Hos. Just because the kids missed out the first time doesn't mean they don't deserve another chance and that they don't have talent.
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    Page #1, post #10.

    I've addressed this.
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    First, players like Romo, Walls and Bates were undrafted free agents who came straight from college and made the Dallas Cowboys. They did not bounce around from college, to the Arena League, to Canada and so on. They didn't get their "chance" based off a reality TV concept. They went out, competed and earned it.

    Sorry, these players are questionable talents who would have been fortunate to get a tryout. Several of them have with us in the past and we passed without signing them to even a futures contract.

    If there are two levels of talent, drafted and undrafted, these players are a third level.
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    '4th and Long' -- A 5-7 wide receiver?
    10:24 PM Mon, Jun 08, 2009 | Permalink
    Barry Horn/Reporter E-mail News tips

    It is absurd to believe that the search for someone to fill the 80th and final spot on the Cowboys training camp roster would come up with a 5-7, 175-pound wide receiver from the University of Toledo. Isn't it?

    But I'm telling you Andrew "Matchbox" Hawkins has stood tallest of all through the first four episodes of Michael Irvin's "so you wanna be a Cowboy" reality show. He's been head and shoulders ahead of the competition. And I'll throw this out for good measure: He played wide receiver and defensive back in college. In a competition between WRs and DBs that's pretty convenient.

    Did I mention he is only 22 and the youngest of all the competitors? He also clocked a 4.34 40, the fastest of the competition. If he can return punts...

    Last week, his standout performance won him face time with Tony Dorsett, who looked to be only a smidge taller, while his competitors were forced to run up and down the Cotton Bowl steps. On last night's episode, he was the "moment of greatness" winner.

    Sent packing this time was wide receiver Luke Swan, a wide receiver from Wisconsin who never got to show what he could do because of a lingering leg injury.

    The second most worthy competitor to date appears to be former North Carolina wide receiver Jesse "Hollywood" Holley, who played basketball for the Tar Heels and stands 6-3, 216 pounds. He's only 25.

    Defensive Backs

    [strike]Stephen "White Lightning" Andrews
    Age: 25
    Ht: 5-9
    Wt: 185
    College: College of New Jersey
    40-yard dash time: 4.35
    Note: Failed tryout for CFL B.C. Lions[/strike]

    Donte Gamble
    Age: 30
    Ht: 5-8
    Wt: 165
    College: San Diego State
    40-yard dash time: 4.32
    Note: Played semi-pro in Patti LaBelle Football League

    [strike]Erick Jackson
    Age: 24
    Ht: 6-1
    Wt: 195
    College: Texas
    40-yard dash time: 4.47
    Note: Duncanville High grad was a member of the Longhorns 2005 national championship team[/strike]

    Eddie "Emo" Moten
    Age: 27
    Ht: 5-10
    Wt: 185
    College: Texas A&M - Kingsville
    40-yard dash time: 4.46
    Note: Lancaster High grad who played four seasons in the Arena League.

    Ahmaad "Silent Assasin" Smith
    Age: 25
    Ht: 6-0
    Wt: 196
    College: Tennessee State
    40-yard dash time: 4.48
    Note: Played most recently for semi-pro Mississippi Mudcats

    Moses "Mowash" Washington
    Age: 28
    Ht: 6-0
    Wt: 164
    College: Oklahoma
    40-yard dash time: 4.6
    Note: Was a member of the Sooners' 2000 national championship team

    Wide receivers

    Steve "Speedy" Gonzalez
    Age: 27
    Ht: 6-0
    Wt: 185
    College: None
    40-yard dash time: 4.5
    Note: Returned six consecutive Arena League kickoffs for touchdowns

    Andrew "Matchbox" Hawkins
    Age: 22
    Ht: 5-7
    Wt: 175
    College: Toledo
    40-yard dash time: 4.34
    Note: Was a two-way player in college

    Jesse "Hollywood" Holley
    Age: 25
    Ht: 6-3
    Wt: 216
    College: North Carolina
    40-yard dash time: 4.52
    Note: Also played basketball for the Tar Heels.

    Montrell Jones
    Age: 27
    Ht: 6-2
    Wt: 205
    College: Louisville, Tennessee
    40-yard dash time: 4.48
    Note: Played for CFL's Montreal Alouettes

    [strike]Preston McGann
    Age: 25
    Ht: 6-3
    Wt: 203
    College: Seminole Community College (Fla.)
    40-yard dash time: 4.53
    Note: Played only baseball in college

    Luke Swan
    Age: 24
    Ht: 6-0
    Wt: 193
    College: Wisconsin
    40-yard dash time: 4.53
    Note: Twice cut by the Kansas City Chiefs[/strike]
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    I will be impressed when this guy can do this to guys who have made the NFL. Not until then.

    I've never liked the premise of this show from the get go. Call me cruel, but I am rooting against whomever wins. Let someone else root for the underdogs. Give me the big dogs.
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    Big Dogs like Stanback?Carp?Mike Jefferson? We shall see.I dont think Stanglass makes the cut this year.
  12. juck

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    Some guys slip thru the cracks.Romo would have if it wasnt for one guy.Im sure there are many who have in the history of the NFL.This Hawkins did obviously cause he is 5-7 175 pounds.Thats short.The guy is lightning in a bottle and a sharp route runner.Irvin sees that.We needed to draft a guy like this for the slot/pr but we didnt. Ill take him anyway we can get him.

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    Generally, I agree, but Hawkins intrigues me because I think he's the guy who got shuneed because of his size, not his talent. So maybe he has a chance as a returner on the Cowboys. As a WR, I think his height is a disadvantage in the NFL. Are there even any 5-7 WRs in the NFL at all that he might compare to? And if he does make the Cowboys team, which current WR's spot does he replace? With Stanback as the last man on the current totem-pole, that's the man Hawkins would have to beat, and Stanback can already play the return game. So in the end, I'm hoping Hawkins is not the winner; I'd rather have the best DB win to maybe offer some depth at CB or S.
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    The Montreal Alouettes also reported receiver Andrew Hawkins will be suspended for failing to report to camp. His arrival has been delayed while he participates in a U.S.-based reality television series.

    Is this the "team guy" we want as a Cowboy? That kinda bothers me.
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    The DBs on the show are so bad they couldn't make the practice squad.
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    i assume ur
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    Well, it is impossible for me to compare how a guy would do on a show like this to how he would do in a true NFL training camp, BUT the guy does show wheels and excellent cutting abilitity.

    I have been saying for a couple of years that what the team lacks on offense is the safety valve slot receiver in the class of Welker, etc, that can run and get open on the short to mid routes and then maybe has some speed and wiggle to move the chains a bit more. Other than Witten the short to mid-routes seem to have been lacking in the passing game. Maybe this is the guy to take a shot at that role. Crayton and Austin are pretty big receivers, same as Roy Williams. The quickness, and get off the line and into the route fast type guy would be a good complement. I like Hurd as our all round utility receiver and special teams guy, but he doesn't have quickness/speed like that.

    If the guy can return punts, like someone else posted, that would be another plus.

    Guy seems to be very fast, and accelerates quickly in the shorter routes, which is key IMHO. As a role player, I'm not sure size is super important. Throw it low to this guy and let him run and dodge. As shown on the show, injuries can happen at any size.

    We need more speed on Offense, and not the longball type, but another Felix type accelerator.

    I'd like to see this guy at a camp, hopefully Dallas's as I think he brings something we don't really have on an 80 man training camp roster.

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    Just in case it hasn't been posted yet. Sounds like a career special teams player at best, but who knows.

    Career Notes

    Played in 37 career games while starting in 25 for one of the best statistical offenses in the nation... Accumulated 70 receptions for 632 yards.., 1,107 all-purpose yards, 4 touchdowns, 2 forced fumbles, 1 blocked punt, 1 fumble recovery, and 21 tackles... Voted Group position leader by teammates for 2 consecutive seasons... Was the first two-way player for the University of Toledo in about 40 years.

    2007 Season

    Touted for the 2nd year in a row as the fastest player on the team…2nd consecutive season voted as a group position leader... A Jack of all trades, playing both offense and defense while shining on every special team…Played and started in all 12 games… Finished third on the team with 32 receptions, 246 receiving yards, and 1 Touchdown…Also 7 carries, 54 yards rushing, and 1 TD…established career high in catches vs. Buffalo with 9 receptions…Selected as a team offensive player of the week three times...Totaled 17 total tackles, 2 forced fumbles, 1 fumble recovery, and a blocked punt on defense and special teams…Regarded as one of the top two Punt gunners in the MAC Conference…Helped Toledo rank first in the nation in net punt average.

    Also had a strong hand in Toledo Punter Brett Kern being named a Ray guy award finalist, as the award places special emphasis on net average, percentage of total punts inside the 20-yard line, average return yardage, and percentage not returned…Accumulated 358 Kick return yards and an average of 23.4 on returnable kicks… included a 25 yard average against Kansas…and a season high 30.3 yard average against Bowling Green…Had first career blocked punt against Ball State…chosen as a team special team player of the week on five occasions…Selected as the MAC Conference Special Team Player of The Week for a 5 special teams tackle performance against Eastern Michigan.

    2006 Season

    Only played in 5 games do to injury, and started in 3… was expected to get a medical red shirt, so was held out of play for the rest of the season, but did not receive it…Chosen 3 times as an offensive player of the week…Tallied 8 receptions, 104 yards, and 1 Touchdown.

    2005 Season

    Played in 11 games and started in 10…Third on the team with 28 receptions, 283 receiving yards, and 3 touchdowns…Had a career best game with 5 receptions for 100 yards and a TD against Buffalo…Had season highs in catches against both Buffalo and Fresno State…Missed the GMAC bowl due to injury.

    2004 Season

    Played in 9 games as a true freshman making 2 receptions on an offense that would eventually have 5 of their wide receivers sign to play professionally (Lance Moore- Cleveland Browns, Kenny Higgins-San Diego Chargers, Gabe Hatchet-Miami Dolphins, Steve Odom- Spokane Shock)

    High School

    Attended Bishop McCort High School (Johnstown, Pa). Named All-Conference as a RB, WR, CB, and KR… Ranked the 98th best DB in the nation by Couch Scout... Broke the single season school record with 9 interceptions…Voted to the Associated Press Pennsylvania all-state team as a defensive back both junior and senior year…Voted Pa Football News all-state as a defensive back both junior and senior year…All Conference offensive MVP as a RB…Over 2,000 yards of offense, 15 touchdowns, 103 tackles, and 14 interceptions in career. ..Played in the Pennsylvania East-West game and was a Big 33 alternate.


    Born in Johnstown, Pennsylvania…Double Major in Marketing and Professional Sales…Full name is Andrew Austin Wyatt Hawkins…Son of Aletha Haselrig-Jones and Artrell Hawkins Sr…has 2 sisters and 3 brothers…Extensive football family ties as his father played for PITT in the late 70's and then for the Pittsburgh Steelers.

    His oldest brother, ARTRELL HAWKINS JR., was a Defensive back at the University of Cincinnati and is now a 10 year NFL veteran playing DB most recently with the New England Patriots…Another brother, Avery Hawkins, is a defensive backs coach at Division 2 California(Pa) after playing 5 years for the Vulcans.

    Younger brother, Wayne Jones, is a true freshman defensive tackle at the University of Pitt…One Cousin, GEROY SIMON, played college ball at the University of Maryland and is currently the leading WR in the CFL…Another cousin, CARLTON HASELRIG, was a Pro-Bowl Guard for the Pittsburgh Steelers in the 90's.
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    How so? The Broncos and several other teams were also interested in Romo after the draft and were poised to sign him if we hadn't. He would not have "slipped through the cracks" and ended up going to semi-pro, the CFL or the Arena League for several years like the participants in this show. Sorry, it is not the same no matter how hard you try to make it so.

    1 out of a 100 undrafted free agents are like this. And that might be very generous.

    How do you know he's a sharp route runner who is capable of getting open in the NFL? Have you seen what he's going up against in this show? These defensive backs are terrible. Athletic, but their technique is ridiculously bad. These aren't even game situations they are in. They are stripped down skeleton drills against poor competition.

    Irvin sees a participant on a reality TV show. So do Avezzano and so does Bates. If either of the three are dead serious that these are great talents that have strong shots at our roster, then I question their eye for talent.

    So why have we avoided slot receiver/scatback types in the draft like the plague? Why do we consistently go after bigger WRs as has been our pattern for years? Why do these too small, too short types have a hard time making our team?

    I like the look of Hawkins too, but you are making this poor fellow out to be something he isn't. Just because he's dazzling in a competition against a bunch of pretty sad defensive backs doesn't mean very much. Unless he's the second coming of Gerald McNeil and can return punts, I don't see what value our staff would assign him in the general scheme of things regardless.
    At best, and again being extremely generous, he could stick around long enough to earn a practice squad spot.
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    Not at all .... the guy signed with a Professional Football team 7 months ago (average salary is between 75,000-120,000) and has not reported over a reality show.

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