andrew walter wraps up the 2005 pro day season

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    Walter shows his wares

    Kent Somers
    The Arizona Republic
    Apr. 6, 2005 05:56 PM

    [font=arial,helvetica,sans-serif]How well Andrew Walter threw Wednesday in a workout for NFL scouts and coaches wasn't nearly so important as the fact that he threw at all.

    Four months after undergoing surgery to repair a separated right shoulder, Walter went through a 30-minute workout at Arizona State's practice field. He threw long, short and on the run.

    The adrenaline rush caused by the pressure to perform had him smiling afterward. [​IMG]OAS_AD('BoxAd')[​IMG]

    “It's a huge relief, because I wasn't able to go through the (scouting) combine and do stuff when everybody else was doing stuff,” said Walter, the former ASU quarterback who was injured in the season finale against Arizona in November.

    “This has really been my one and only opportunity to throw in front of people.

    “From what I've understood, this is a pretty long rehab, and I'm way ahead of schedule.”

    Walter's agent, Jeff Sperbeck, closed the workout to the media, although reporters peered through a chain-link fence to watch Walter throw. The results were mostly positive, with Walter showing decent accuracy on short- to mid-range routes.

    A handful of his deep passes were off target, although scouts probably won't be too concerned about that since the long ball was Walter's forte at ASU.

    “The most important thing (Wednesday) was to show them where I was at,” Walter said. “The arm strength was there. I'm obviously getting there and will be there very soon — a full recovery.”

    Two assistant coaches and a scout interviewed by The Republic didn't seem concerned about the quality of Walter's performance.

    “He looked a little rusty, but that's to be expected,” a scout from an AFC team said.

    That Walter threw for a sustained period should help alleviate concerns about his shoulder. Walter recently returned to Indianapolis, site of the scouting combine, for a final medical examination and received a positive report.

    He has worked out regularly this off-season and looked fit and strong, but Walter hasn't been able to throw much this spring.

    “He looked like he's had shoulder surgery and hadn't thrown for a while,” one assistant coach from an NFC team said.

    An assistant from an AFC team was impressed with Walter's mobility. At 6feet6 and 235pounds, Walter is never going to be confused with Michael Vick.

    But Walter's 40-yard dash times, in the 4.85-second range, were respectable. One assistant coach said he liked Walter's movement sprinting out during the passing drills.

    “He's not a super-agile quarterback,” the assistant said. “But he did a nice job out here on the move.” Many scouting publications have Walter in the second tier of quarterbacks available in the April23 draft. Most expect California's Aaron Rodgers and Utah's Alex Smith to be taken in the top five.

    Akron's Charlie Frye could make the first round, and most predictions have Walter going in the second round. Walter is trying to avoid the subject.

    “Sometimes my parents want to try to talk about it, and I can't even get in that conversation,” he said. “You just turn circles, like my dog chasing its tail.”[/font]
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    If he can land in Kansas City, Green Bay, Denver, or another team with a great O-Line somewhere in the 3rd-4th Round, he will do a great job. He needs an O-Line though because he isn't mobile, but look at what Manning does with his great O-Line and lil mobility.

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