Anonymous director of college scouting gives Sn the mag his terams top 25

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by RS12, Mar 31, 2010.

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    1) McCoy

    2) Suh

    3) Berry

    4) Dez Bryant

    5) Trent Williams

    6) Okung

    7) McClain

    8) Mays

    9) Haden

    10) Derrick Morgan

    11) Carlos Dunlap

    12) Benn

    13) Anthony Davis

    14) Clausen

    15) Gresham

    16) Golden Tate

    17) Spiller

    18) Iupati

    19) Boulaga

    20) Colt McCoy

    21) Brandon Graham

    22) Jerry Hughes

    23) Patrick Robinson

    24) Brandon Spikes

    25) Earl Thomas

    Obviously this was before Bradford's workout. I cant believe they have Colt McCoy and Brandon Spikes that high. I gues he is not buying the hype on Bruce Campbell which means he'll go to the Raiders. No mention of Kyle Wilson.
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    This list is precisely why I still think there is hope for us to get one of the big 5 we most covet: Dez, Iupati, Wilson, EThomas, Pouncey.

    Every team's board after the top 10 or so varies so much. Anything can happen. And there are always a few picks that make you go hmmm...

    Count the picks guaranteed before us:
    T. Williams
    D. Morgan

    That's 12... Only 14 more picks to go.

    Possibilities include:
    B. Campbell
    D. Williams
    A. Davis
    B. Graham
    J. Gresham
    C. Brown
    B. Price

    Plus the 5 we target, that's 21 guys. In other words, 7 of the guys on this list will def be available. We gotta be able to get one of the 5.
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    Texas QB McCoy shows accuracy, footwork at pro day
    Posted: March 31st, 2010 | Gil Brandt | Tags: 2010 Pro Days, Colt McCoy, Texas

    Colt McCoy might not have the strong arm that Oklahoma QB Sam Bradford displayed earlier in the week, but that shouldn’t detract from a fine performance in front of scouts from 30 NFL teams (the Lions and Rams were the only teams not in attendance).

    Of the 58 passes that McCoy threw at Texas’ pro day Wednesday, none hit the ground. McCoy connected on every pass to his four receivers — Texas’ Jordan Shipley, ex-Longhorns WR Brian Carter, Bengals WR Quan Cosby and former Rams WR Nate Jones — none of whom dropped a single pass.

    McCoy kept all of his workout numbers from last month’s NFL Scouting Combine, and he didn’t do any individual drills. However, the consensus was that he had really good feet and moved around well while throwing the ball.

    – Gil Brandt
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    The magazines have to start gathering information, editing content, go through the publishing process and hitting the shelves early so the magazine can start bringing in money. I'm guessing the list is fairly dated.

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