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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by honyock, Oct 20, 2013.

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    I didn't really get it about Cole Beasley last year. I'm eating crow. One nice thing about seeing him this year is that it looks like he's got Romo's trust, and he's emerging as a chain mover on those 3rd-and-5 plays. I know they are completely different players, but his emerging chemistry with Romo reminds me a little of the trust Aikman had in K-Mart back in the early 90's.

    Williams' numbers so far, projected over a 16 game season: 41 catches, 705 yards. Way more than I expected for a rookie who supposedly didn't know route trees and caught the ball with his body, especially with Romo's (understandable) love of Dez and Witten. He and Beasley today: 14 combined targets, 12 receptions.

    I like this trend to the cb's playing less zone and more man. I'm glad to see the coaches make that change, it plays to their db's strengths. I know it's been against RG3 and Foles, and harder tests await. But Foles had a good game last week against a pretty good Tampa defense. And RG3 looked more like the 2012 RG3 today against the Bears. So as bad as Foles looked today, the switch to more man coverage wasn't against a couple of total stiffs. Two of the next three games they'll be facing Stafford and Brees, so we'll know more soon.

    A lot of the pressure today looked to be coverage pressure. I didn't think the d-line generated huge pressure quickly, but the coverage gave them a chance to keep moving to the qb.

    Carr in particular looks like a different player when he plays man. Not having rewatched the game yet, I don't know if he was exclusively on Jackson the whole game, but he was on him a lot. Jackson was a nonfactor, and it was impressive to see Carr run with Jackson down the field. It'll be interesting to see how much the coaches call on him to handle Megatron straight up next week.

    Romo threw two interceptions today. I thought he made good decisions on both. Sometimes the ball ends up in the other teams hands anyway.

    I heard Brad Sham say in the postgame that he talked to Tony on the field during warmups, and Tony told him that the wind was really bad. He said something on the order of "when the wind is behind me, it's going to be an adventure". I wonder if the wind partly explains at least some of both Foles and Romo having accuracy problems.

    I haven't watched the replay yet, but it looked like Philly was blitzing as often as the Redskins have against us the last two times they've faced us. I still don't think the team has quite figured that out yet...until they start burning that blitz, I'd expect to keep seeing it. I don't know if it's Romo, the playcalling, the o-line (this may have been the line's weakest game so far). But that may be the book on how to face the Cowboys offense so far.

    Playing in Philly is a little like playing in Thunderdome. Randle talked about the gauntlet, having 80 year old grandmothers flip them off on the way in, how chaotic that stadium is. I'll take an ugly two touchdown win in that place every time.
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    My name is Corso, and I approve this post.

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    He is a better player than I thought he was. He'll never been a #1 or #2 WR in the NFL, however, I definitely has a place on the roster as a #3 or #4.
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    Who is the #2 receiver on this team? lol
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    It's actually 55 catches for 869 yards and 7 TD, which may be conservative, considering that his targets will go up above the 4 per game that he has now.

    And good post.
  6. TrailBlazer

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    Terrance Williams
  7. Future

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    I know...
    I meant to quote the post above mine...that said he was never going to be a #1 or #2. I was being sarcastic, not asking haha
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    Dang it, you're right. ESPN's website has this game listed in their game by game stats but hasn't updated their season totals yet. Thanks for catching that.
  9. TrailBlazer

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    Oh. I think he was talking about Beasley not being a 1 or 2 receiver. Twill is already a number 2.
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    All good points.

    Early on the dline was getting pressure quickly but not so much as the game went on so must have been good coverage.

    Romo did overthrow some people and it is possible wind played a factor on this and overall accuracy.

    It did look like philly blitzed a lot but did seem to back off later in the game when Romo did start making plays on their blitzing. That IMO is where the game really turned.

    About Beasley - he gets open quick, probably partly due to his shiftiness and partly due to the design of his routes as they seem to be short ones. But the fact that he gets open quick and has good hands gives Romo a dependable outlet when there is a blitz. In addition once he secures the catch he has a burst to get upfield quick and get the first down. I think with Beasley in the lineup it helps this offense beat a blitz.

    Great win by Dallas - Really in the drivers seat now for the division crown.
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    Cowboys get last laugh, Eagle fans are dumb pigs who know little or nothing about anything.:D
  12. Future

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    That would make a lot more sense lol
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    On Tony's two interceptions:

    Well the hail mary was of no consequence, except to show Romo cares not about numbers.

    The second was addressed in the post game. I noticed after the second pick Romo was yelling at Tanner. Seems Tanner was supposed to go into the flat and sit down...not move...Instead he ran across the field and brought a defender with him. The pass was not intended for tanner. It was Beasley's ball but the defender that Tanner brought with him picked it off...

    I like the Williams/Beasley combination. Beasley is the perfect third down receiver and being small makes it hard to cover him. Williams is starting to show hands like Dez and after the game Romo said he had never seen a player catch on so quickly. Romo used the amazing word.

    The big move on this team was putting Scandrick in as RCB and putting Claireborne on the slot. Scandrick has been so good that teams are starting to throw at Carr, something we have not seen. Carr is so good he is taken for granted.

    I also think you nailed the pattern for future teams to use on Romo. Blitz him from all over and until the Cowboys get some resemblance of a running game, it will continur.
  14. Clove

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    Romo threw 2 interceptions, on him, but the important thing is that at the end of the day, he got the win. And to me, that's what matters. People will make mistakes, but make enough plays to WIN the game.
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    This is a great post.
  16. beevomav

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    Kind words bdc..thanks..
  17. Oh_Canada

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    TWill looks like a legit #2, Beastly a perfect third.

    Sharrif Floyd rueing be gone.
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    I thought the best thing of the game was the drive after the pick. Romo took them the length of the field for a touchdown. It's like he said. "OK, my bad, but I've got this."
  19. Jenky

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    Carr is a man corner but he can play both man and zone. It's shocking to see how underrated he is on this board. His game is good all around and he's a smart football player. He's the one guy in the secondary you never have to worry about.

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