Anthony Dorsett Jr is upset with Cowboys issuing #33 to players

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by WoodysGirl, Aug 4, 2014.

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    TD was a good RB..If you don't believe it just ask him. ;)
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    Just a thought.....and this will never happen...but hypotetically, if the Cowboys ever got Tom Brady would he be given #12??
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    I just saw where the Packers are retiring Favre's number. Different strokes I guess.
  4. speedkilz88

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    Roger would come out saying he had his blessing.
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    Emmitt was great, but He was no Barry Sanders. Barry was the better rb back then. I would rank them
    1 Barry Sanders
    2 Emmitt Smith
    3 Thurman Thomas
    4 Terrell Davis
    5 Marshall Faulk/Ricky Waters
  6. Alexander

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    Why oh why did you post this?
  7. BAT

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    I feel very sorry for you. Even if your ignorance is the result of a medical condition it will not save you from the thrashing you will receive. :D
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    Your 3-5 wouldn't be in most if any top 5's. Replace them with Jim Brown, Walter Payton and Erik Dickerson and you have a list. In fact I'd put Payton 1 bump 1 and 2 down to 2-3 Brown 4 and then Dickerson.
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    He was a great Rb
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  10. Dday22t

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    simple math: Cowboys have had too many great players to retire number for each.

    And learn some history....Pearson had #88 before Irvin and Bryant anyway. And Bob Hayes wore 22 first.
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  11. jobberone

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    One of my favorite Cowboys. Everytime he got the ball you thought it may go all the way. Didn't think that even with Emmitt.
  12. cej757

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    I'm not talking about all time Rb's this is just my top 5 Rb's from the 90's.
  13. Beast_from_East

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    Grow some balls dude, your constant crying is annoying the hell out of everybody.
  14. Clove

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    I think it's dumb to retire numbers.
  15. diehard2294

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    Anthony was just on 103.5 and this is some of the things he had to say:

    Does your dad feel disrespected? AD/ we have talked about it and it bothers him but he doesn't feel disrespected.

    He was asked why does it bother you? AD/ how many people have worn #12 or #8/#22? You mean to tell me no one has ever asked for those numbers?

    He was asked how do we retire all of those numbers and not run out of jerseys? AD/ save those numbers for special players/ draft picks.

    He was asked have you ever spoken to JJ? AD/ yes with Stephen and my father present and he declined to talk about it now

    sorry if the format sucks as I am trying to do it from my cell phone
  16. Sarge

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    If they haven't retired 74, they sure aren't gonna retire 33.
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    What kind of list is that after Emmitt?
  18. SuspectCorner

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    So here's a guy, also a former NFL player, who clearly adores and idolizes his dad, a former Cowboys all-time great. His beef is that the Cowboys allow his daddy's ole number '33' to STILL be used. What are the odds that the player using that number is worthy to carry the jock of Touchdown Tony? Long odds to the extreme, right? But the team doesn't seem to retire numbers as a policy. And with the number of greats they've had in 50+ years - they'd be moving some camp players to triple-digits or alphanumeric identifiers....!

    I can't really beef with the guy. I love my dear old dad, too - almost thirty years departed now. And I've considered asking the Department of the Army to permanently retire the rank of Lieutenant Colonel in honor of the old man. Well... no. But <sniff> I would if I thought I could move them to do so. Hey, why can't we just acknowledge and appreciate the love this son feels for the father - one of the most amazing Cowboys players it's been our pleasure to witness?
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    You know its hard to listen to these complaints when he ignores the fact that Michael Irvin's #88 has been worn by many.
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    /end thread


    /end thread

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