Anthony Johnson, 6-3/305 Defensive Tackle LSU

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    Skill-Set Summary: It is abundantly clear that Johnson has a great skill set since he's been nicknamed "The Freak" at LSU. The program has produced some superb athletes in recent years including Patrick Peterson, Morris Claiborne and Barkevious Mingo. Johnson wowed the program when the 300-pounder reportedly ran a 40-yard dash in 4.8 seconds.

    Like Glenn Dorsey and Brockers, Johnson has a special combination of size and speed. Johnson is explosive off the snap and is a natural at shooting his gap to get penetration into the backfield. He also has displayed some raw power to push offensive linemen aside and use strength to beat blocks. If Johnson puts it all together, he could be an extremely disruptive defender at the point of attack.

    Johnson has a lot of potential and just needs more refinement. He needs to improve on runs coming straight at him, develop more pass-rushing moves and get better at using his hands and feet at the same time.

    Johnson needs to get more consistent. The junior flashes greatness, but he needs to be more frequently productive. Getting more playing time could make a big difference. LSU has had a loaded defensive line over the past three seasons, so it has been hard for him to get as high of a snap count. Johnson is the veteran now, and there aren't any other tackles who are expected to play over him.

    Johnson could become a dominant player for the Tigers in 2013. Getting more experience should help him and it wouldn't be surprising if he is one of the top defensive tackles in the nation at the end of this season.
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    At this point in time who are the best of the predicted DTackles with 3 technique that we should be keeping our eyes on when they play?

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    It's early and you don't know who will be a hardship but right now I'd say the Vols McCullers, Dorsey from Texas, Ra'Shede Hangeman of Minn. and maybe the top guy might be Will Sutton for ASU.
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    Timmy Jernigan(FSU), if he comes out early. A true 3 tech.
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    Thanks have officially added him to my radar screen. I really noticed him last year when I was watching Floyd and Carradine. He is a very gifted athletic DTackle who should see plenty of attention with Tank and Sharif gone from the team.
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