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    Scott Wright of interviews Antoine Cason: I bolded the only Cowboys related comments. Sounds like a really grounded kid. Rod Woodson didn't play for Dallas but thats ok. (Could be a typo by Scott who knows)

    [SIZE=+2]Antoine Cason Interview[/SIZE]
    April 16, 2008
    You would be hard-pressed to find a college cornerback who has been more productive or highly-decorated the past four years than Arizona's Antoine Cason. But is he as good of a pro prospect as his press-clippings would lead you to believe??? With the 2008 NFL Draft quickly approaching Antoine was kind enough to take a few minutes out of his very busy schedule to talk with NFLDC's Scott Wright.

    Scott Wright: Your Dad (Wendell) and a couple of cousins (Ken-yon Rambo and Avieon Cason) played in the NFL. With everything they have probably told you about playing at the next level is there one thing that stands out?

    Antoine Cason: Be mentally tough, work hard and watch your diet. Those are a couple but the main thing is be mentally tough.

    Scott Wright: It seems like when people talk about you as a prospect one of the first things they always bring up is your speed. Do you feel that is an issue?

    Antoine Cason: Well, I believe in the official Combine results I ran a 4.45 so that should clarify that.

    Scott Wright: There has been some talk that you might have to move to safety in the pros? Are you open to that if a team asks or would you rather stay at corner?

    Antoine Cason: I haven’t had any teams ask me to do that so I’m focused on being a corner right now.

    Scott Wright: Do you think you’re better suited for a man or zone coverage scheme?

    Antoine Cason: Whatever is called I can play.

    I don’t have a favorite coverage or thing I like to do, I just like everything that comes with being a corner.

    Scott Wright: What would you say is your greatest strength as a football player and what area do you need to work on?

    Antoine Cason: I’m an aggressive player, I play smart, I know what’s going on with the defense, good ball skills and just overall understanding of the game. The things I need to work on are just learning the pro game, adapting to the speed of the game, adapting to film study. Stuff like that.

    Scott Wright: What current NFL cornerback do you most admire and who do you think you compare favorably to?

    Antoine Cason: I admire more than one but I don’t think I compare to anyone. I try and find things that others do well and make it my own. The ones I like are Asante Samuel, Charles Woodson, Al Harris, (Marcus) Trufant, (Nate) Clements, (Antonio) Cromartie. I watch all of those guys.

    Scott Wright: What is your greatest football moment to date?

    Antoine Cason: The Oregon game on Senior Night in 2007. I returned an interception and a punt for a touchdown.

    Scott Wright: Who is the best player you have faced during your career?

    Antoine Cason: Oh, that’s tough because we’ve had plenty of players that were great. We had Reggie Bush, there was Dwayne Jarrett, Demetrius Williams, we’ve had Geoff McArthur, Derek Hagan… There’s been plenty and that’s what makes the Pac-10 so good. DeSean Jackson. I can’t point out just one because those guys are so explosive and so talented.

    Scott Wright: Is there one younger player at Arizona that you see developing into a star, either at the college or pro level?

    Antoine Cason: Nate Ness (safety), Mike Thomas (wide receiver), Devin Ross (cornerback), Cameron Nelson (safety). They're going to be players.

    Scott Wright: Who was your favorite college or pro team growing up? Did you have a favorite player?

    Antoine Cason: My first year in Pop Warner the first team I played on was the Patriots so I liked New England. Growing up of course the Falcons just because my father played for them, and then the Cowboys. I like Emmitt Smith, Michael Irvin, Rod Woodson, of course Deion Sanders.

    Scott Wright: What current pro are you most looking forward to going up against in the NFL?

    Antoine Cason: You know I haven’t thought about that, I’m just thinking about putting myself in position to be successful as a young guy in the NFL. Of course you want to go against the best but I just want to get in there and show everyone that I can play with them. I want to play against the top receivers in the league though.

    Scott Wright: At what point did you realize that you might have a future in football beyond college?

    Antoine Cason: When I first got to college and was playing good football. It was a good time for me and at this point I knew I could do it.

    Scott Wright: What do you plan to do once your playing career is over?

    Antoine Cason: I’m into real estate, I like doing that. Also commentating and doing analysis for games.

    Scott Wright: When you get your first professional paycheck what is the first thing you will buy?

    Antoine Cason: I don’t know… You know with the gas prices I might want to go buy a hybrid Honda or something. That’s a good question though, I haven’t thought about that. Probably just save it up.

    Scott Wright: What’s the most embarrassing song on your iPod?

    Antoine Cason: I have some artists on there that my cousin looks at and laughs at. I got The Fray, Incubus and John Mayer on there that my cousin laughs at. Sometimes you gotta get into a little mood and change it up.

    Scott Wright: Do you have any goals in mind when it comes to the NFL Draft (i.e. Round 1, Top 2 Rounds, etc.)?

    Antoine Cason: I don’t set goals for something that I can’t be in control of. I have no control over who drafts me or where so I don’t really have a goal for that. My goal is to go whether I go, work hard, play the best football I can and play like I know I am capable of.

    Scott Wright: Is there one or two teams in particular that you’ve noticed paying more attention to you than others?

    Antoine Cason: I don’t really know because it’s such an up and down thing and then of course on Draft Day everything changes. I’m just excited to be surprised with where I go. I have visited Baltimore and the Patriots.

    Scott Wright: Is there one team that you think you would fit in well with?

    Antoine Cason: That’s tough and I really haven’t thought about that too much in detail just because I don’t know where I’m going to be. Some of the teams in the NFL play the same defense we played in school so that would be an easier transition but wherever I go I’m going to have a good time and play hard.

    Scott Wright: Thanks for the time and good luck in a couple of weeks!
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    Rod Woodson? Ding this guy. :D
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    So I guess the real question is, is Cason a first, or second rounder? What do you guys think? :D
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    Here we go again.
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    The previous combatants all ought to take the opposite view and see where it goes.
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    This guy will be a better safety than CB in the NFL.
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    Who is Antoine Cason??

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    Now that's to elaborate on how you've come to that conclusion?
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    I'd rather you guys didn't. I'm trying to get some sleep tonight. ;) :D

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