Antonio Cromartie CB Florida St.

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by KWMIKE, Apr 3, 2006.


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    How about moving him to saftey? He has great size and speed.
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    He's a corner. Yes he's big enough to play SS (free safeties tend to be smaller like most CBs) but Cromartie would be a waste as a safety. Now forgive the comparison, but he's very similar to Deion. Both 6'2", Deion was a touch faster, but Cromartie is a better hitter. The question with AC is can he stay healthy and can he be THE MAN for long stretches of time.

    I really like him. What I would think about doing would be to have him be a backup CB and a starting FS. Then in a year or two evaluate whether he needs to be swapped with Henry. But that is a pipe dream unless we move down 8-12 spots.

    David Harrell - Pokes
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    or we could just draft Pat Watkins, who is a true FS and stands 6'4 with 4.4 speed, instead....and probably later in the draft than Crotchrottery

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