Antwaan Randle El?

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by Wulfman, Jul 28, 2011.

  1. Wulfman

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    He's not a splashy choice by any measure, but I saw where he's expected to be released by the Steelers today. Just thinking that, as a slot receiver, he might be a decent alternative. He can return punts, and could potentially serve as an emergency/Razorback QB that would allow us to use that 46th roster spot for someone else on gameday.

    Again, not a sexy or epic alternative, but he might be a low-priced guy that could come in and give us another veteran presence in what has become a VERY young group.

  2. spook930

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    No thanks!
  3. burntricersx

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    Veteran presence - yes.
    Viable PR - No. He really sucks at it...I've watched him do it for the Skins for however long he was in DC. He's awful.
    Viable slot option - Maybe.

    I'd really like to see what Harris, Hurd, Johnson and to an extent Jesse Holly can do.
  4. ThreeSportStar80

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    No thanks... He couldn't blow by a fat guy stuck in sand...
  5. DawnOfANewD

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    Haynesworth on the beach?
  6. Tennione72

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    I think that would be a good move as long as the money is right
  7. CowboyStar88

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    Pass and once again hurd is a FA.
  8. ThreeSportStar80

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    Why yes, how did you know?

    :laugh2: :bow:
  9. Stautner

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    I would pass. HE never was more than a No. 3 WR even in his prime, which has past, so he would just be a high priced roster spot now.
  10. ZeroClub

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    It probably won't be Antwaan Randle El, but it would not surprise me a bit if the Cowboys signed someone like him.

    Once the Cowboys have addressed higher priority positions (Safety, DL, and probably RG), if the team has some money left over and if there is a bargain-priced veteran WR available who the Cowboys like, sure, the Cowboys would think about signing him.

    I'd be surprised if the Cowboys signed a vet WR before signing at least one FA safety and at least one FA DE.
  11. Dodger

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  12. StylisticS

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    No its a bad move anyway you slice It.
  13. Stautner

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    I agree that there is a good chance they will sign someone - probably a veteran. What I envision is someone that was once a solid starting WR, but is now past his prime, but still has something left in the tank. Our WR group is very thin on veteran experience, and is lacking someone that is capable of filling a starting role if Dez or Miles goes down for any length of time, so this kind of player would make some sense.
  14. Wayne02

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    We get someone to fill the #3 role and let the rookie Dwayne Harris learn from them for a year. I do not trust guys like: Kevin Ogletree, Manny Johnson, Teddy Williams, or Jesse Holley. All of these guys are PS material with the exception of Ogletree, and he's a borderline guy.
  15. ShiningStar

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    PLease i want every teams trash because their trash is better than our players, If Antwan wasnt good enuff for the Skins, what makes you think hes good enuff for us?

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