Any chance we pick up two 1st round picks?

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by egn22, Apr 19, 2011.

  1. egn22

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    Are there any scenarios where we could work a trade to get 2 picks in the 1st round?
    I'm thinking the Aldon Smith & Mike Pouncey hype last week seemed to come out of nowhere, as well as the Solder & Watt hype this week.

    When mock season first started, i kept hearing that Aldon Smith was a late 1st rounder, then all of a sudden i'm hearing about dallas considering him with the 9th pick. And it seems like a lot of the names i'm seeing associated with dallas are mid to late 1st round guys.

    So i'm wondering if there's any chance we are able to grab two. And if we could, who would you want?
    Aldon Smith/Gabe Carimi?
    JJ Watt/Nate Solder?
    Cam Jordan/Mike Pouncey?
  2. respectdatstar

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    We could trade back with somebody in the high teens/low 20s. Then, use the pick(s) acquired to move back into the end of the 1st.
  3. Sam I Am

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    I don't think it's possible to land any of those combinations unless we traded with NE to get both of their first round picks. Otherwise, I don't think we could realistically move back into the first round high enough to get Pouncey, Carimi, or Watt. (I wouldn't draft Solder in the first round)
  4. pacy

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    I would rather trade our first round pick to Seattle for their first round pick next year + a 3rd round pick this year.

    With 2 first round picks next year "Hello Andrew Luck"
  5. stasheroo

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    I've read that the Seahawks at #25 are looking to trade out of the first round to reacquire the 3rd round pick they traded away for QB Charlie Whitehurst.

    The value of that pick is 720 points. The Cowboys' second and third rounders add up to 715 so I think that a deal would at least be possible if there were someone the Cowboys loved at #25.

    I would love to be able to trade down from #9 with the Patriots (if say they love JJ Watt) to #17 and somehow finagle pick #33 (the first of Day 2) away from them in the process. The Cowboys would probably have to give up a 2012 third round pick as well to do that but I think that it would be worth it.

    I know Jerry would love to be in the driver's seat for Day 2 of the draft.

    You could conceivably pick up Pouncey (if they like him as much as he seems to think) or one of the top offensive tackles at #17, trade up to Seattle's pick at #25 and end up with at least one of the top offensive guards (or tackles) still being available.

    You'd have two of your biggest needs filled after one round of the draft and be in great position to do what you wanted in Day 2.

    A longshot I know, but what the heck, it's the time of year for speculating!
  6. egn22

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    i like the way you think stash!
  7. supercowboy8

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    wow, really. What if Luck has a Locker type year. Last year Locker was a top 5 pick now some say he is a 2nd round pick.

    No thanks, I have my QB lets build a team.
  8. Robbieac

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    And who's to say the team with the 1st pick in the 2012 draft would want to trade him away? It would take alot more than just a few 1st round draft picks for me to trade away the next Peyton Manning...
  9. dallasfaniac

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    It's all moot anyway; Luck will enter the supplemental draft once a cba is worked out immediately after the draft. ;)

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