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Discussion in 'Off-topic Zone' started by MonsterD, Jun 21, 2013.

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    I decided to upgrade to a new computer Haswell,GTX 660 etc.

    This is a pic of the case I got and I have a question about changing the airflow.


    You can see the typical setup is in the front and side and out the back and top. If I am liquid cooling the CPU I think I should set the fan on top to blow down on it.

    I also have seen a computer expert saying in this case specifically to blow out the side fan because the card's (non-reference GPU) cooling fans will do the job and the side fan would interrupt that.

    Is that ok to do, the fan exhaust the side and intake the top? Is that too counter air current temp cycle? I am using some decent strength fans (1200 RPM/ 60-65 CFM).
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    Liquid Cooled question depends on where your reservoir/radiator is located. If you can place it externally that can help high. Use a high CFM fan with low Db for comfort. (low noise high airflow)

    The side fan can help when properly lined up... See below.


    The point of the side fan is to bring cold air in for the CPU heaksink/fan to use immediately. Sometimes this doesnt line up and it can be counter-productive.

    Your main focus should be the intake as it is what gets the cool air into the machine. The outtake fans just increase the flow and allow for more CFM from the intake. (i.e. It doesn't have to force the air out of the case and run into blowback)

    I personally would do the following.

    1. Design the layout to allow the radiator to be OUTSIDE the case with a 120mm(if radiator is 120mm compatible) high CFM low Db fan. (less heat in the case)
    2. Replace intake fan unless it comes with a good one (doubtful) since this is the lifeblood of your cooling system.
    3. Check is the side fan will line up with your GPU (multi GPU's? Might not line up but I would still leave it on as that's alot of heat, better to have more cold air intake)
    4. If you have not bought a PSU, do your research not all PSU's are created equal. Some have large fans to help with exhaust, but read your reviews. Remember it controls the whole machine and you get what you pay for :)
    Hope this helps!
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    Heat rises. Forcing air downwards is fighting physics and will require more fan speed and noise to accomplish the same effect.
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    Skip to 4:34 here:

    The card in that diagram is a blower/reference card , that I would have the intake on the side pulling in cool air. On the other GPUs the cards have the modified cooling systems, that is why I would pull air out the side to keep it stable(the card's own cooling system).

    The radiator is going to be on the back with a 120mm fan, I might replace the stock one. PSU isn't great but ok it is a Corsair but their base modular one(CX).

    The thing with my GPU is that it will be pretty low in it's heat overall, the MSI TF GTX660 has been tested under load from 58 degrees C to 61 degrees C, the cooler on it is amazing.
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    Yeah I think I am losing efficiency here but the fans won't be that bad in how loud they are, I think it is beneficial for the CPU but might increase the ambient temp slightly doing it this way.

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