Any hockey fans?

Discussion in 'Sports Zone' started by CowboysFan02, May 13, 2004.

  1. CowboysFan02

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    Are there any other hockey fans here?
  2. RatisBeast

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    Nope sorry.... :(
  3. genghiskhan

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    I'm a big hockey fan. I'm a Flyers fan, so I'm a little nervous at the moment. Tomorrow is a crucial game and we MUST win, but we are a bit banged up defensively, given we're already missing Desjardens for the playoffs and now we just lost Ragnarsson for the playoffs too. And Jonsson is playing with a badly hurt hand. I do think we have a coaching edge against Tampa and hopefully we'll come out with our best effort tomorrow because we'll need it. We can't afford to go down 3-1. It's over if that happens.
  4. Hostile

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    I am a Coyotes fan. Great looking gear. Wish the team looked as good.
  5. Reef Engineer

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    I'm a NY Rangers fan but to tell the truth, rarely follow the sport anymore since I moved out here to San Diego. My wife was my Madison Square Garden connection so we used to go to games all the time - same with the Knicks ... but those days are long gone now.
  6. CowboysFan02

    CowboysFan02 Degree or Bust

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    Well they got the win, didnt realize the game was on untill the last couple minutes of the game. That was a nice shot by Lecavalier in the last 30 seconds though.

    Oh and I am Ducks fan being from So cal and I started playing hockey when the Ducks came into the league when I also started to watch too.
  7. Jimz31

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    Yes. I like the Colorado Avalanche and the Dallas Stars. It sucked to see them have to play each other in the first round.

    I rarely watch Hockey during the season though.....playoffs Hockey is fun though.
  8. genghiskhan

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    That was a nice shot indeed. Lecavalier is a dangerous player, as is Richards and of course St Louis. But it's funny because with a minute left and a 2 goal lead I was thinking the game was over. Then Lecavalier scored with 30 secs left and my heart starts pounding again. :eek: But Primeau played that last 30 seconds really well and just controlled the puck and kept it in their zone for a good while. Game 5 should be awesome.

    I have a feeling I'll be at least a little bit of a Ducks fan someday. Good run they had last year.

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