Anybody catch Chris Vermin's backhanded remark?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by EGG, Sep 26, 2005.

  1. EGG

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    He said the Niners were the better team but the Cowboys won,,, LOL,,, I love it when we beat Vermin's teams, ya just know it's killing him inside. :p:
  2. Reality

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    This is a repost .. however, what he said was that the 49ers ARE a better team .. not were the better team. He meant they are better than everyone expected.
  3. Sandman

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    Berman has been washed up for years, his act is way old..
  4. MrMom

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    He said "San Fran looks like a better team, but Dallas gets a win." It could mean that he thought they looked better than Dallas or they are better than everyone expected. Who's to know?
  5. Billy Bullocks

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    The better team won, but the team that played better lost today. We did what a good team has to do, find a way to win. We better come correct next week against Oakland, because Randy Moss is no Brandon Lloyd
  6. Sarge

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    EXACTLY. I cannot believe the number of people who didn't catch that. People are just ready to pounce on Berman.
  7. Billy Bullocks

    Billy Bullocks Active Member

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    Honestly. We were outplayed. Plain and simple. We came out flat. Were lucky SF isnt that good.

    On a positive note.. We were good enough to win a game in which we played like absolute crap, and still find a way to win. The players better realize that we had best take the 1st 115minutes of the season as our style of play, and not the lsat 5 of Washington and the SF game...

    we got some confidence outta this win for sure. BP will have the troops fired up for Oakland, and we better get a big game out of our players. Killa Keith, dont blow your assignment..
  8. Phoenix-Talon

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    Did he mean ...the 9ers are an "improved" team?
  9. EGG

    EGG Well-Known Member

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    I guess you can take his statement more than one way, but if you take it word for word it implies that the Niners are/were better than Dallas which I would dispute because they didn't overpower the Cowboys, the Cowboys made multiple self-destructing mistakes. If these teams played 5 times I'd expect the Cowboys to win 4 of them

    Also, Vermin has an extensive history of backhanded Cowboy remarks and a pro Niner bias,,, if you're taking his side, well you're just looking for an argument and not taking history or his words into account.

    and lastly, trying to track down posts of people who had the same thought process as I did on a day when pages upon pages of threads are created is a bit anal,,, so bite me, Reality... :laugh2:

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