Anybody else hearing the idea of Biden being a 1 term VP?

Discussion in 'Political Zone' started by Wheat, Oct 17, 2008.

  1. Wheat

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    No links.....all rumors.

    But, anybody else hear the whispers about Biden "retiring" after 4 years, or taking a different role for another younger Dem....or Hilary Clinton slipping into a VP spot in 2012?

    Of course this would mean Obama wins this year which is still in doubt.

    But, would this be a good idea? Wouldn't Hillary be viewed as too old in 2016? Or would this be smart to give her 4 years in the Executive Branch to attempt keeping the WH even longer?

  2. Danny White

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    I can't imagine that any such rumor would have an impact one way or the other. Does anyone care about Biden?
  3. Wheat

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    I think the point is that Obama is using him "per say" to get elected because of the experience thing. Then in 4 years, he wouldn't need that anymore.
  4. Danny White

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    OK, but I don't see what it serves to talk about him being "one term" at this point. How does that help Obama to talk about that?

    ABQCOWBOY Moderator Staff Member

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    I think it's premature to give opinion on the subject, only because this assumes that the Democratic Party is still riding the current wave of popularity. It is my view that no matter which party gets elected, this next term is going to be a 4 year term only. I don't believe the other party will be able to withstand the publics displeasure with the incumbant Presidents administration. Essentially, I believe that whomever wins, will be in much the same situation McCain currently finds himself in.
  6. JBond

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    I like the idea of him and zero terms as VP. The guy is a worse screw up that Dan Quayle. This guy has has some "senior" moments at critical times. I am beginning to wonder if alzheimer's is setting in. I would never wish that on anyone, but he is just lost sometimes. So far he seems to be able to shake it off, but for how long?
  7. Trouble

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    If Obama were to win, it wouldn't surprise me if it did play-out this way. In his short political career, Obama has cast aside and discarded like garbage friends, family, colleagues, and supporters that got him where he is today. As soon a they are no longer of any use, or become the slightest political liabilty, into the rubbish pile they go.

    Obama doesn't know the meaning of loyalty, integrity, or character.

  8. NinePointOh

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    Is this from the same people that said Biden would be removed from the 2008 ticket after the convention and replaced with Hillary, or that Palin would be removed from McCain's ticket and replaced with Mitt Romney? Random bloggers, Freepers, and DUers love to speculate about the implosion of politicians they don't like, but none of these "rumors" have any basis in fact.

    Take it about as seriously as you'd take a random CowboysZone user posting that he heard an unsourced rumor that we're trading Greg Ellis for Shawne Merriman and a pick.

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