Anyone else perplexed at this years draft?

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by BrAinPaiNt, Feb 26, 2009.

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    I have come to the conclusion that this is going to be a very long draft for me personally.

    I have just not watched as much college football this past season as I have in the past so I am just not don't have the knowledge or feelings about many of these players like I have during past drafts.

    It is also kind of hard to gauge how good or bad a player is by just reading and also by opinions of some on this board since so many are so extreme in many cases when talking about a player.

    It would seem that we really are going to find out how good, or bad, our scouts, coaches and Jerry is concerning the draft this year.

    This is also one of the times that I kind of wished we would trade up to get some players that I might know better. Or maybe trade picks for future picks. I say this because from what I have read over this past month this does not seem to be a great draft in many areas like some past ones have so the top talent is not there. And some talent that might have been good value for us seems to be getting out of our range due to the lack of top talent pushing them up the boards. Who knows maybe it is and you just got to find it.

    I just get a feeling that worries that we will wind up having a draft like we did back when we took QC and TD. I just can't escape that feeling and hope hope hope it is just gas.

    There are some names in these mock drafts and threads for players I have seen and like to some degree. There are many I see being put in these mock drafts that I have seen and thought are probably going to get drafted way before they should (like Loadholt). Then there are some I just have not heard of that many others talk about a great deal.

    This draft just wigs me out this year.

    This draft also has me perplexed in other ways as well. Is the D line going to be our top priority, is the O-Line going to be the top priority, is the DBs going to be our top priority or is it going to be the LB spots. Who will be the best player available that also fits a need when we draft. So many different equations.

    In the past I would have a decent idea of who the first pick would be within a small group of players. Normally I would pick around 3 players and figure it would be one of those three or at the very least say 2 positions and figure they would pick one of those two positions.

    This year I really don't have a clue. Not the players that they have targeted with the first pick nor the positions. I can not narrow it down right now to 3 players or a couple of positions.

    This thing really has be confused this year.

    So is anyone else worried or perplexed going into this years draft?
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    Just root for any player I put in my mock and you'll be fine :D

    Also I think we are going DLine first since Canty will be gone.
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    I don't know that this years draft is any different than others, other than the fact that our 1st pick is so late. Last year the WRs disappointed while the DBs shined; this year it's the opposite.

    Another complication this year are the number of teams possibly making the transition to the 3-4 or needing help at similar positions. If we pick up some players in FA that don't break the bank, it should clear up most of the draft for us, allowing for taking BPA rather than BPA at a position of need.

    Personally, I was doing more contract work this year so I was able to watch more college ball than usual, so I know the players better than in years past.
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    I feel much the same as you do. I get the feeling that this draft is going to be a weak draft. I am not a draft guru by any stretch of the imagination, but it seems as though there are very few players that would have a true first round grade. I think that we would be better off deferring picks into next year whenever we can.

    I get the feeling that this draft will be unusually hit or miss with an unusually high number of misses. It seems to be a lot harder to evaluate talent and get an accurate grade on a player and his ranking this year than in years past.
  5. Verdict

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    Do you think that the draft class this year is stronger or weaker than last years class?
  6. dallasfaniac

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    It's stronger at some positions but weaker in others. Some rounds will be deeper this year than last and vice versa. Then you have to figure in teams changing formations, causing a run on players at one position, while another gets pushed down the board. There's really no way to compare between years because of this.

    For instance, last year no WRs went in the first, but 10 came off the board in the second. This year we may see 5 go in the 1st but then have one or two taken in the 2nd. Last year, 10 CBs went in the first 2 rounds, but this year we might be lucky to see 5. QB should remain the same with 2 taken round 1 and another sneaking into the early part of round 2. Two OLB went 1st round last year but we might see 5 this year and a run in the second as well.
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    It's exactly why Dallas needs to ignore the Combine and focus on football players and in that process take the best available player regardless of position. It's one of those years.
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    BP, I think it's because it's just a lousy draft this year. As always, teams will find some good players, but I think they all mix together because there isn't that really top tier of talent like there is a lot of years.
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    The strength of the draft is on the offensive and defensive lines for the Cowboys. The second, third, and fourth rounds look good on the lines where Dallas picks.

    If you have to draft in order to fill big holes, like safety or inside linebacker, the opportunity cost will be on the lines. I don't like that thrade off. The Cowboys lack front line starters and depth at these two positions; however, Albert Haynesworh is in the division now, and he can line up all over the place. The left side of the Cowboys line should concern them. I'm not talking about depth, either.

    ex. If you draft an ILB in round 3, you going to lose a Dorell Scott. Scott is a NT who can add 10-15 pounds to his 315 pound frame. He could give you the 20 plays you need out of a rookie NT. When he's on, he demands the double team. He's a good player. Clemson's team was in shambles last year, and he got hurt.

    If the Cowboys were set at S and ILB, they could just sit back and draft on the lines. That is where the games are won. In my opinion, the Cowboys are in terrible shape at safety and ILB right now, but players like Herman Johnson, Phil Loadholt, Tyronne Green, ect... should be there for the taking. The offensive line needs to be addressed, and I think it will be. WILB and safety are weaks spots in the draft. Expect a run on safeties in the second round.

    The Cowboys can't get caught drafting for need. That is when you get burned. That is what I'm trying to say. The Cowboys need to find players with grades that fill needs, but they can't reach as we all know. Take the best player.

    I agree. This draft is weak, because the juniors really came out last year.

    The Cowboys need another 3rd round pick, and keeping the first pick of the fourth round is important. I think that will be a good player.
  10. Rush 2112

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    Where are we losing players in FA (starters).

    Can you replace/improve upon that player without reaching?

    What position was Wade all over at the Senior Bowl?
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    Scott could be deadly as a rotation player, he would give Rat the rest he desperately needed

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