Anyone know anything about UT Arlington?

Discussion in 'Off-topic Zone' started by JoeyBoy718, Jun 2, 2012.

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    Does anybody know anything about University of Texas Arlington? Let me give you a little background info on myself. I'm from Brooklyn and now live in Miami. Lifelong Cowboys fan. Have always despised the NFC East rivals, mainly the Giants and Eagles because my dad's side is from NY and my mom's side is from Jersey near Philly. Anyway, I'm graduating with my bachelor's degree in Linguistics and I'm trying to find a school to transfer to to get my master's in Linguistics. It's a rather rare major so many schools don't offer it. From the research I've done online I've discovered that a few of of the Texas schools (Texas Tech, UT Arlington, UT El Paso, and U of North Texas) actually have some of the cheapest grad schools in the country for out-of-state students. I still have a lot more research to do but I'm definitely going to consider the 4 Texas schools I named because they offer my field and they are best cost wise. I also know the Cowboys play in Arlington. Cowboys stadium is like my Mecca and I've yet to make my pilgrimage. Of course I wouldn't make such a serious decision based on my favorite sports team...but I can dream, right? Anyway, I was just wondering if anybody had anything to tell me about UT Arlington. By the way, I'm 26. Former Air Force. I'll be 27 when I start grad school. I also just checked the UTA website. For my major they offer a Master's program in my field and or I can go straight to PhD in the BA to PhD program.
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    The only things I know..

    1. It's really close to Cowboys stadium.
    2. It's a commuter school, so nobody's there to hang out. In that respect, it's a little different than most colleges.
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    For someone who axpires to be a collegiate mans, you sure dont no too much about UT-Arlington. you can look up all the data you want on your own time and own nickle and not bother Cowboy fans at this Forum.

    I'm giving you 1 hour to make like a ryan leaf tree and leaf. You dumb question belongs on another forum, not this one.

    You brooklyn emigees make me want to puck!!!!!
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    I meant to post it on the off-topic forum. Oh, and by the way, it's puhyook.
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    Well, UT Arlington would be my choice due to proximity. Lubbock is WAY out there in BFE. UTEP is way over there too. :) Not great reasons, I know. Haha
  6. GimmeTheBall!

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    OK, then ax the mods (whichever one is not watching roller derby or surfing for used cars on the web) to move it.:mad:
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    No, puck as like another eastern reference ah cant stand: Ice hokey!

    As in puck in ice hokey and which stereotypes and signifies the eAST, which we know is usually the source of evil in America!:mad:
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    UTEP - stay away from El Paso - Drug town

    and Texas Tech - Lubbock out in the boondocks

    your 300 miles from Dallas area

    outta those I'd pick U of North Texas get you away from Dallas a little tho I been gone for ten years
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    UT Arlington is a pretty good school. The campus is nothing to brag about. But I see nothing wrong with going there. I think it's less of a party school than UNT. I know a lot of people who go to UTA and get their degree and I know a lot of people who go to UNT and come back empty handed.
  11. JoeyBoy718

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    Well, I'll be in a PhD program. I doubt I'll be going to frat parties. I'm more of a "small bar with a pool table and a juke box" kind of guy.
  12. poke

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    UTA has about 33,000 students enrolled, about 10,000 live on campus or within 5 miles of campus.

    Downtown Arlington ( the area where UTA is), has been going through a pretty nice re-birth.

    New housing, parking and several new places to eat have opened there since Cowboys Stadium opened and it has started to create a nightlife of its own.

    Since I live there I am totally biased but I would think UTA would suit your needs just fine.
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    UTA used to have a football team.

    Tim McKyer used to played there.

    Say his name on campus and many doors will open for you my friend.
  14. Sam I Am

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    They used too!

    Anyone remember when people used to hang out in the parking lot there? The cars would line up and people would "cruise" down the lanes playing music and crap. I forgot what people used to call it. Sometimes there were hundreds of people there hanging out on either Fridays or Saturday nights. (maybe it was both)

    The parking lot was off Cooper St. Maybe, that is how it was referred too. Hang out on Cooper. Cruise Cooper? Can't recall.

    Anyone remember this? This was in the late 80s maybe early 90s too. I think there ended up being lots of trouble there and the University had to shutdown.
  15. Dawgs0916

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    You can't go wrong with Texas Tech. You're welcome to join the caravan we're planning for Cowboys game next year :)
  16. Rynie

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    Yeah, nothing like hanging out in a dry town out in BFE with an abnormally high rate of STD's. :D
  17. Kangaroo

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    I knew quite a few people from Highschool that attended college there but that was like 20 years ago
  18. Nomad

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    I went to Graduate School at UTA (Architecture), and I think it would be perfect for what you are looking for. It is more of a commuter school or was, but it has changed a lot in the last ten years and they have really worked hard to improve everything. I would definitely chose it over the other 3 listed for the convenient location alone, it's in the middle of the DFW metroplex so you don't have to worry as much about "on campus" activities which you might not care about anyway. And it is actually very well respected academically, especially in science and engineering.

    If you have any specific questions pm me or ask on here whatever.
  19. Dawgs0916

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    Lubbock has been a wet town for like 4 years now.
  20. CowboyMcCoy

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    You should check UT-Austin, and at least apply. They take a few rejects based on admission letters if you're GPA isn't up to par. I know that without having to google, gimmie.

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