Anyone know if Thornton cleared waivers?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Cowboy from New York, Sep 9, 2005.

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    Frankly, I'd rather have a young, developmental guy on the team like Thornton than a washed up vet whos never done much anyway in Ogbogu.
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    It's not so much that a 4th round pick started slow as it is that two 7th round picks (same draft class, same position) were playing while said 4th round pick sat at home. There is something telling in that; that and the fact that those same two 7th rounders are now on the team and the 4th rounder who sat at home behind them last year is gone.

    Don't worry though he'll be back on the PS and maybe the team soon...Lucky Us :rolleyes:
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    I was responding to your inaccurate statement that "Thornton could not beat out either Reeves or Jones in last year's training camp." Thornton was competing with Hunter and Jemeel Powell, not Reeves or Jones. And Thornton DID beat out Powell for the backup job behind Hunter.

    And I've already explained why. He didn't contribute enough on special teams or at other positions to be on the 45-man active roster.

    That's exactly correct. In order for non-starters (at most positions) to be active on game day, they have to contribute in other ways. Thornton didn't.

    Reeves should have started. The difference between the two wasn't great, and by that point, Reeves had game experience (playing almost the entire game the previous week after Hunter was hurt). I wouldn't have started a rookie with no game experience when someone about as good with experience was available.

    That's a completely ridiculous statement. Better players get released all of the time. Parcells himself stated that Jeff Robinson is better than Jon Condo, but he released Robinson anyway. Why? Because he's cheaper and he could be around for several years. Quincy Morgan undoubtedly is a better wide receiver than Terrance Copper right now, but Parcells released Morgan. Why? Take your pick of reasons, since there are many.

    Parcells has stated several times how backup players have to contribute on special teams -- he counts the number of plays he's able to use guys in games, and that's an important factor in deciding whom to keep and whom to cut.

    Of course it is.

    I never said he wasn't. Like I said, I would have cut him, too.
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    Powell lost out because he couldn't get his hand technique right but he consistently had better position on the receivers than Thornton. And when the season came and Thornton was sitting at home it was Reeves backing up Hunter and Jones playing the slot; sounds like they both beat him out to me.

    "He didn't contribute enough" is your defense for him? Now that's encouraging.

    No game experience because he had been beaten out by two 7th rounders.

    Weak comparisons here. Robinson was an economic decision, whereas Thornton was just beaten out for the higher spots on the depth charts. Morgan was released for the same reason as Thornton...the guys we kept had more upside and/or better talent. Copper is as good as Morgan (maybe better) and he contributes (there's that word again) more to the team playing ST. Not to mention the ecnonmic difference between Morgan and Copper as the #5 receiver.

    Yes this is somewhat the point. Thornton is arguably (and it would be an argument) as good a cover corner as Reeves but he is decidedly a weaker tackler and ST player...again...less upside.

    I guess this was my mistake also, because that is exactly what it sounded to me like you were saying.
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    Coyle, and almost all had Thornton a late round pick. Thornton proved them correct. He was a reach at where he was drafted.
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    Exactly what has Copper done to show that he is as good as Morgan? He's cheaper and more versatile (special teams contributor) but he hasn't come close to achieving what Morgan has as a receiver.
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    Nothing. Maybe one day if Copper can achieve a 15 YPC career average, he'll be considered in the same league as Morgan. I'll be keeping an eye on ole Quincy in Pittsburgh.
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    If Copper averages 20+ yards per catch that would make him one of the best receivers of all time.
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    Yeah, brainfart, but Morgan is well known for his high YPC, Copper is pretty much a scrub at this point.

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