Anyone remember this game?

Discussion in 'History Zone' started by The30YardSlant, Jun 23, 2006.

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    That stupid dance Merton Hanks used to do when he scored....
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    I taped that game, then promptly taped over it.
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    Where are they now....Merton Hanks...last saw that long necked freak handing out team hats to college players during the draft as an NFL employee.
    Meanwhile Aikman,Emmitt and Irvin are going to the Hall of Fame.

    When I saw that it was the Niners against the Cowboys I immediately remembered that long td pass to Rice with Woodson chasing him.
    Every team no matter how good has a bad game during the season.
    I remember us losing a close game against the skins in which Aikman fumbled in the end-zone and then Emmitt picked it up and tried to lateral to a teammate in our own end-zone in which the skins picked it up for a td. Later that week reports came out about Jimmy Johnson giving everyone on the plane a tongue-lashing including players,coaches and flight attendants. We went on to win the Super Bowl that season.
    In fact if you look hard enough you will find that in those 3 seasons we won it all in the 90's, that we had at least 1 loss in which there was contraversial ending.
    Funny but I seem to remember those losses almost as much as the wins.
    1.Leon "let it be" Lett thanksgiving day game.
    2.The Skins loss in RFK in which Aikman and Emmitt make rare mistakes at the end to cost us. Jimmy dresses down the team and scares a female flight attendant at 20,000 ft.
    3. A home loss to a mediocre Rams team in which Aikman instead of throwing in the end-zone from 5 yards out throws a 3 yard hitch in which Novacek get tackled at the one yard line as time expires. The media had a field day second guessing us after that loss.
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    J-Dog, the game you're thinking of in number 3 is actually another close loss with a strange/controversial ending, so there's actually 4 overall. The description of the last play you're providing is from our 19-14 loss to the Browns in the '94 season, where Novacek indeed goes down on the 1.

    The last play in the loss to the Rams in '92 was actually an incomplete one-hopper in the end zone. That game was a pretty considerable upset, considering we were 8-1 heading into the game and the Rams had a pretty extensive road losing streak, if I recall. Everett was unreal in that game, and I remember Dallas committing every possible crucial penalty possible, including a freaking defensive holding call on Ken Norton, Jr. on a punt that extended a Rams drive.
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    Thanks for clarifying that.:)
    I knew we lost to the Rams but switched out the senarios.
    Some games are just bad days for the players and coaches.
    I also think that those losses, if you use them for motivation, can propel teams to go on to win it all.
    Jimmy Johnson was great at motivating his team.
    In the same vein I also seem to remember the Boys winning a road game against the Raiders in which Emmitt had a big game. I think that was in our first Super Bowl team in the 90's.
    The coliseum had 95,000 people in it and I think most of those fans were Cowboy fans. That game was one of the most satisfying wins early on in the dynasty.
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    You have an amazing memory.

    I wish I could recall single games like that.
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    I remember that game well, as so does most people.
    I was living in Jupiter Florida at the time. So was amongst many fair weather DullFans. I went into work the next Monday. And either nothing was said, or I got some...Thank You, you gave us that game....

    Except one idiot, gave the DullFish are great, Cowboys suck, blah, blah, blah.
    I looked at him and stared him right in the eyes in front of everyone and said....enjoy it while you can, because we won't lose another game, and will win the SB, and the Dolphins won't win another game and will miss the playoffs.

    And man....that was exactly what happened. That guy didn't talk to me for months, which was no great loss on my part.
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    LOL, I think it's vivid because it's one of the only times I took it out on the dog (the Rams loss) just a bit. No permanent damage, just overreacted a little when it wouldn't listen.

    I also recall it being one of those contests where you just have this sick feeling it's going to end up in a loss from early on. Everett was truly at his best in this game, he must have hit every single third down conversion through the air he attempted. We played pretty good offense but they were always one step ahead that day.
  10. jcblanco22

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    I know the Raider game you're speaking of! That indeed a great win, 10/25/92 in the Coliseum. I believe Emmitt went over 150 that day, he really did put on a show. That was a nice road victory that was a harbinger of things to come.
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    Believe it or not I still have that game on video somewhere (VHS).
    I still tape every game and tape over the losses.
    After that game I put some steaks on the grill, drank a cold one and ate dinner watching the highlights on ESPN.
    Fellas it don't get any better than that!:)
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    J-Dog, we are kindred spirits, I started that practice for good back in '92 myself, but didn't do it consistently enough that season to catch all the victories. I don't remember if I have that particular game myself.

    You're right about your post-game celebration; it doesn't get better than that (football-wise). :)
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    Today Irvin's fumble would have been an incomplete pass. Crazy.

    And who ever said Deion wasn't physical at the line? Heh.

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