News: AP Aron: Cowboys buying into Garrett's optimistic approach

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    Cowboys buying into Garrett's optimistic approach

    By JAIME ARON, AP Pro Football Writer – 14 hours ago
    IRVING, Texas (AP) — Connecting the dots between Tony Romo's late-game flubs, a letdown by the defense, a breakdown on special teams and the excruciating, last-minute loss to the Jets, the Dallas Cowboys could've come away from their opener thinking, "Here we go again."

    Fans sure did.

    Jason Garrett doesn't see it that way.

    In the locker room right after the game, he told players they played hard and well, and that if they keep playing that way, good things will happen. He said the same thing to reporters a few minutes later, then again on Monday, after he'd watched the loss to the New York Jets again in slow motion.

    And you know what? His players believe him.
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    I wonder if Tony has reached out to Aikman for advice. That guys was ice when the game was on the line.
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    So is Tony, much more often than not.

    The overreaction is ridiculous both here and in the media.

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