News: AP: Bills’ David Nelson gives TD ball to Dallas cheerleader, girlfriend

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by Juke99, Nov 14, 2011.

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    Bills’ David Nelson gives TD ball to Dallas cheerleader, girlfriend

    ASSOCIATED PRESS November 13, 2011 10:00PM

    ARLINGTON, Texas — Buffalo Bills receiver David Nelson caught a 3-yard touchdown pass Sunday, then went all the way to the other end of the field to hand the ball to a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader.

    Not just any cheerleader. His girlfriend.

    “It was a special moment to share with her,” Nelson said after the Bills’ 44-7 loss. “I didn’t want it to be awkward. She knew it was coming, I don’t think she knew what was coming.”

    Nelson is dating Kelsi Reich, who is in her fourth season as a Cowboys cheerleader.

    The Bills trailed 21-0 before Nelson caught his touchdown in the second quarter. After celebrating with a couple of teammates in the end zone, Nelson headed back to the Buffalo sideline and then kept going — all the way to the other end of the field where Reich was cheering for the Cowboys. Nelson handed her the ball and then gave her a hug.
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    .... And Dallas gave his team a beatdown afterwards.
  3. ZeroClub

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    Seemed awkward to me.
  4. Mash

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    I thought she looked uncomfortable ....

    Here you are a Dallas Cheerleader...and a player from the opposing team is giving you the football after a score? Really? boyfriend or not...

    I was hoping she would of thrown it back at him :)
  5. Hook'em#11

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    Should dump his butt right after the game. He could of gave her the football at home , after the game. Not right then, fully putting her on the spot.
  6. Aikbach

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    She might've got in trouble, i know they're forbidden from dating Cowboy players. It put her on the spot she was nervous/ embarrassed more than flattered.
  7. mgcowboy

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    He was a TOTAL jerk and selfish... clearley she was sooooo emabrrased and shocked...poor girl didn't know what to do...he put her in the worst possible or imaginable situation just to serve his stinking ego when his team is is
    down by 21..It's disrespect to his team as well ignoring his teammates and running to celebrate with a cheerleader of the opposing team

    I do not know how she doesn't dumb him right away and how the Bill don't fine his sorry ***

  8. rags747

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    Boy, Tough crowd here. I see nothing wrong with it at all. Life is too short to sweat the small details. It happened 1 time, the two are in love, It's not like this happens every week. Let it go...
  9. Hostile

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    Once again TMZ comes to the NFL.

    Non story.
  10. ThreeSportStar80

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    I didn't find anything wrong with it honestly...
  11. BlueStar3398

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    No big deal at all. They are both from Texas and have been dating for a long time.
  12. SaltwaterServr

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    I thought it was a very admirable. Two young folks in love, and he let the world know how much she meant to him.
  13. pjtoadie

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    David Nelson was just on ESPN First Take and he said what he did was for him and his girlfriend and that he didn't mean any disrespect by it. He said he grew up in Dallas as a huge Cowboys fan and idolized Emmitt, Aikman, Irvin etc. and that he had over 80 friends and family in the stands and wanted to have a special moment between him and his girlfriend. I didn't see harm in what he did and you could tell he felt real bad if he offended anyone.
  14. Stautner

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    Holy smoke. Did this really upset anyone. Does anyone really consider this an issue?
  15. Seven

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    Preposterous.......his actions were like crappin' on the star and takin' money right out of jerry's pockets.

    Did he bring his own football to give away? Did he offer financial restitution for the said football? What in the blue hell is a cheerleader gonna do with a football? How 'bout giving it to the less than fortunate child siting in the nose-bleed section, he could've at least ebay'd it for a coupla bucks. Got a new winter jacket, pair of boots, can of soup....something.

    Also.....did you guys see the way he ran into and right by other athletes without so much as an "excuse me" like he was some kind of super hero carrying kryptonite. There is no "I" in team, brother.

    I hope that when she set it down to work the Pom-Pom action, it was stolen.

    JMO, of course. :D

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